Cask Republic Hosting Ignite Stamford w/ 8 Speakers ft. Tom Hauser, Linda Kavanagh, and More

22 Jan


Update: register for your free tickets here. Only 48 left as of 9:49 on 1/28.

Think about this word: ignite. It describes a word that shows something that goes from one form to another, something that is transformed by fire and soon engulfed in flames. Now, while Ignite Stamford won’t be lighting anyone or anything on fire at Cask Republic starting at 7:30 on 2/4, there’s still lots of other things going on like the fire of inspiration, the flames of passion.

Damn son, that’s some crazy symbolism, right? We got more, but we gonna get down to things now. For the first time ever, Ignite is taking place at Cask Republic, one of the busiest and most popular restaurants in Downtown Stamford and a favorite of OmNomCT and Ignite. On that night, 8 people will talk about topics for 5 minutes with 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. It’s tougher than it seems, believe us.

Beer overlooking the fireplace at Cask Republic StamfordMeg Dalton, one of the key organizers and founders for Ignite Stamford, was incredibly happy to have the next Ignite in a new spot: “The Cask Republic not only has a kick-ass beer selection, but also good energy and a dynamic environment. Through this partnership, we’re hoping to bring in new faces and make our community even stronger. We all have a story to tell—and Cask seems like the right place to tell it!”

CP-Logo-150x55And, from the perspective of Casey Dohme, Manager of Cask Republic Stamford, he sees it as a win-win situation, too: “I think it is always important for the neighborhood restaurants to get involved in the community at any capacity, so it is awesome to us that we can be involved with such a great organization, which has become a big part of the Stamford community. We are looking forward to hosting.”

maxex-logoAfter the presentations, you need to stick around for some great food, drinks, and specials that Executive Chef Carl Carrion and crew will have that night. At this moment, unlike previous sessions, the event is free and requires no registration. There is room for about 80 people and those spots will be given up on a first come, first serve basis. via free online tickets.

Well, without any more ado, here are the presenters and their topics:

Tom Hauser on food rescue in Fairfield County (Community Plates)
Tom Zombek on personal support networks
RJ Mercede on Stamford by the numbers
Roscoe and Tory Brown on the Two Oh Three
John Track on geocaching
Linda Kavanagh on the far side of the restaurant business (MaxEx)
Emily Provonsha on living abroad in Spain
Danilo Machado on Beyonce’s feminism

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