Gandhi-Bot Will Reincarnate with New Name, New Can, Yet Keep Same Soul

23 Jan

Reincarnation, according to Buddhists and Hindus is not an end to life, but rather a new chance, a new shot, a new experience. Soul cannot die, soul is passed on, takes new forms, but essentially remains. And, with this same spirit (pun definitely intended), we sadly need to share that Gandhi-Bot has passed away. Yet, with its passing, the soul of that Double India Pale Ale lives on and will take a new form, in a new can, with a new name. In name, different; in essence, the same.

The decision to remove the Gandhi-Bot name and logo was made after New England Brewing Company, based out of Woodbridge, met with leaders of the Indian-American community throughout the week such as State Representative of Glastonbury, Prasad Srinivasan. In a statement that NEBCo made on Srinivasan’s page, they say that the rebranding will take up to three months because, as we can assume, there are still cans that they need to circulate to Connecticut package stores. This seems like a fair agreement so that NEBCo doesn’t suffer too much lost money and investments because of the change. 

Ending the statement, NEBCo thanked people, in advance, for their help and support through this transition. Again, hardcore supporters and fans of the soon-to-be-renamed Gandhi-bot need not fear because the recipe will remain the same.

For more information about the controversy that sparked the change, please check out out post.

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