10 “Q” Commandments with Notorious P.I.G. @ Walrus + Carpenter, Black Rock

4 Feb

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Ah’ight, so we admit we’ve been sittin’ on this post about Walrus + Carpenter for a while now (bad bloggers), but our experience, with Fairfield friends Rob and Lisa, chowing down on their Notorious P.I.G. platter (the mother of all BBQ platters that feeds four) was so EPIC we had to make sure we shared it. Since then Walrus + Carpenter picked up a talented new chef, Chef Jon Vaast from The Dressing Room which means we’re gotta get back there stat to see how things have gotten even better. The good news is, their creative menu has only gotten better including an amp’d up Notorious P.I.G., so we’re gonna break it down piece by piece for ya, starting with the “10 Q Commandments” in honor of the platter’s namesake (and one of our favorite rappers of course).

“The 10 Q Commandments”

We been eatin’ BBQ for years, it’s almost laughable

There’s rules to eatin’ it, we wrote you a manual

A step by step booklet so you can get

your grub on stat, make your bellies fat

Part 1 of Notorious P.I.G.  at Walrus & Carpenter in Black Rock, CTRule number uno: always make sure you know

how they cook their meat, cause you know

W+C makes it so tasty ‘specially

cuz they smoke it up, yeah, they know what’s up

Number two: always know what can be improved

Don’t you know BBQ is a constant science?

With meat you don’t want dryness

That’s why they be makin’ sure it ain’t burnt and shit

Drinks at Walrus & Carpenter in Black Rock, CTNumber three: drinks for e’ry-bo-dy

They hooked our ass up, got us mad trashed up

They mix drinks up so good your face’ll light up

They are so damn creative, you’ll drink at least 5 cups

Number four: know we said this before

Never be shy, piggin’ out’s justified

Smoked wings  at Walrus & Carpenter in Black Rock, CTNumber five: don’t forget the wings and the sausage

So damn good we had to pounce on every ounce

Number six: want to have more sides? just get it

You think BBQs just about meat? psh forget it

Mac & Cheese  at Walrus & Carpenter in Black Rock, CTSeven: this rule is so underrated

Make sure all yours sides get completely annihilated

W+C’s sides are so sick, they’re perfect

You’ll want to have every last lick

Poutine  at Walrus & Carpenter in Black Rock, CTNumber eight: never pass on poutine dude

With curds of mooz and gravy, it’s awesome food

Number nine shoulda been number one, our you’ll hurt

Bacon chipwich  at Walrus & Carpenter in Black Rock, CTIf you ain’t gettin a doggy bag, say fuck the dessert

If you thinkin’ you can handle it, tryin listen

Get your hands on the bacon chipwich, it’ll make you smitten

Number ten: a strong word called creative

Strictly for good chefs, not for imitative

The new chef got the skills, so back we will go

Cause we gon’ want more BBQ rain or snow

Follow these rules you’ll have BBQ to eat up

If not, you could be throwin’ your meat up

Eat slow, be gentle, make sure you drink up

From a food coma you’ll wake up, and have gas

Walrus will mess your diet up in three hours

ate a ton of calories up

But it’s still a good pick, they can cook good food up

Gotta go gotta go, leftovers to heat up, word up, uhh

Aaaaand, with that, here are the deets you might need:

Besides having 12 brews on tap, lots of bottles, wine, and a sick variety of, bourbon, rye, vodka, gin, tequila, mezcal, rum, and aperitifs, W+C’s has a super creative cocktail menu. From a simple, but fresh Old Fashioned to the creative Custard’s Last Stand with Bison Grass Vodka, allspice dram, apple cider, and lemon, W+C has something that’s sure to please everyone (and get them crunked). Moving onto the food, this is how the Notorious P.I.G. goes down:

1st course: An app sampling

Fresh Oysters: These came with a tangy relish-like sauce which added a great flavor. They tasted fresh and clean. 

Andouile Sausage: You know when you’ve got a great BBQ sausage you cut off a piece and the juices just run out all over the place? Yeah, that happened and there was a wonderful smoky taste that was complemented well with the spices.

Maple Pork Belly: This was a nice thick cut of pork belly that came with a slather-worthy maple sauce.  This was nice and tender the way a pork belly should be and the sauce the perfect amount of sweet to cut the heaviness of the fat.

Poutine: as the commandment says, you NEVER pass on Poutine.  The fries were very crispy, the gravy was earthy, and the mooz curds added creaminess and saltiness to the dish. Yep, it was a winner!

Smoked Chicken Wing (We Added Bonus Dish): smoked jalapneos, honey, blue cheese.  Not too spicy, great flavor, crispy.

2nd Course: The meat & sides parade

Baby Back Ribs: These had a nice smookines and deep BBQ flavor.  However, when we had them they were overcooked, but we’re hoping the new chef has perfected this. Remember, rule #2, BBQ is a constant science.

Spare Ribs: Again, full of delicious flavor, but overcooked

Brisket: This was smoked well with the smoke ring blazing pink. A little less marbled fat than we like, making it a bit tougher, but it could’ve been our cut.

Pork Shoulder: This was our favorite BBQ meat.  The pork was very delicate, juicy, and contrasted nicely with the tangy BBQ sauce. Mmmm.

Mac & Cheese: Oooo this had that delish crumbly crunch on top as well as the rich cheesiness you look for in a good mac & cheese.

Coleslaw: As we’ve said before, Kristien is a coleslaw snob and felt this one missed the mark. A little too bland and crispy for her taste. 

Mashed Potatoes: These were buttery, creamy, with just the right amount of the real chunks you look for in a good mash. 

Cornbread: Moist and cake-like, this cornbread didn’t disappoint. Danny thought it was too salty even with a few pieces being a bit dry, but Kristien didn’t think so . . . but then again, she loves salty/savory cornbread over sweet. 

3rd Course: Dessert, my god, how did we eat dessert?

Bacon Chipwich: This was a highlight for us. The cookie was crumbly and held together well with a scoop of ??? ice cream.  The bacony flavor wasn’t overwhelming, yet came through nicely, so we give props for that.

Chocolate Bread Pudding: This was balanced nicely–not too sweet, not too chocolately, not too thick, not too pudding-y. It was nice and was moist, warm and just plain yummy.

Final Thoughts

Walrus + Carpenter is a beautiful spot with a warm, bold, rustic ambiance perfect for friends, dates, and families . . . which is hard to achieve.  The cocktail list is inventive, the beer and spirits choices superb. The majority of the food (with the exception of the ribs) was great, though we hear it has gotten even better with the new chef. Because of that we’re going to hold off on a nom rating, but based on our experience we definitely can recommend it as a great spot to gorge on all the things your love about BBQ!

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