Lobstercraft Kitchen rocks lobster with their new menu! Darien, CT

9 Feb

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Back in June of 2012 when we broke the news about the Lobstercraft food truck coming to Fairfield County, lobster fanatics across Fairfield County and beyond went crazy! In the years that followed, their killer good lobster rolls and other deliciousness like lobster and kielbasa mac & cheese packed full of claw meat brought them a TON of success. So much in fact, they had to get a second truck just to keep up with all the festivals, events, and whatnot. Then that did so well they opened up a brick and mortar shop right in Darien (and even another permanent spot at 1 Penn Plaza).

We went once a few months back and were invited recently by Captain Mike, Trond, and the crew to try out some of the new items on the menu. While people love their classic food truck items, we were happy to see they were adding some fun new items to keep people interested and wanting to come in again and again.

Before we left the house we were sure to bring along an Ommegang Spiced Saison that we’ve been dying to pop open. Yup, Lobstercraft is BYOB here with no corkage fee, so make sure to bring your favorite adult beverage. Don’t worry, if you forget you can just stop on over to White Bridge Wines next door and they’ll help you pair the food you’re about to get with any of their wines or beer. Back to our spicy saison . . . yeah, we’d definitely recommend this beer with lobster and seafood.

Cobb Salad Lobstercraft Darien OmNomCT ReviewDSC_9351So, the first dish we had was the Cobb Salad made with fresh chunks of lobster knuckle meat, avocado, bacon, sliced egg, chopped tomatoes, and lettuce. The lobster was cooked very well and all the ingredients were very fresh. You get your choice of balsamic or a lemon viniagrette. Dan liked the lemon dressing because it highlighted the lobster more, while Kristien liked the balsamic because she thought it added more flavor to the salad. This is a really nice, simple option if you want to go lighter or want something quick for lunch.

Twice Baked Potato Lobstercraft Darien OmNomCT ReviewDSC_9354Up next was the Twice Baked Potato, which you can order with or without bacon. We posted up a picture of this on Instagram and people were having instant foodgasms. Just picture it: a baked potato with creamy mashed potato on top along with chunks of bacon, a nice chunk of lobster, and some Cheddar. It’s also served with some scallions and sour cream on the side so that you can load it up. This was an excellent dish, though one of the potatoes that we got needed to be cooked a bit more.

After this, Trond brought us golden-fried Lobster Arancini that he was so proud of: you could see it in his smile. It’s actually a gluten-free rice ball that will be added to their catering menu and will find its way onto the specials board at the store from time to time. Normally, arancini is served with a sauce on the side, but Trond’s idea was interesting: put the sauce inside. At first we wondered if it would be too dry because of that, but we were definitely happy with how these rice balls turned out. They were creamy on the inside (pink like vodka sauce) with a nice tomato bite and a big chunk of lobster right in the middle. Adding another layer of flavor, Trond and crew put in parmesan and ricotta on the inside. As an added treat, we also had a chance to try a larger version that Trond filled with a Gouda center. The cheesy gouda center gave the arancini that nice kick.

Lobster Quiche Lobstercraft Darien OmNomCT ReviewDSC_9362After this, we had the chance to try the Lobster Quiche. On our drive to their Darien restaurant, we wondered if they’d have any dishes that were brunch-y since we were eating at noon and it was really our breakfast and lunch. Well, this certainly fit what we had hoped for on the new menu. This quiche was made with crispy asparagus, mushrooms, and gruyere. It was delicate and buttery without being too heavy. Most of the lobster was great, but one or two bites were chewy. Overall, though, this was great and something we’d order again.

Crab Cake Lobstercraft Darien OmNomCT ReviewDSC_9367After talking with Trond we realized that we never had the Crab Cakes before, so he was happy to let us try them. They were delicate, fresh, moist, and lightly packed. There was a dollop (that word’s just fun to say) of horseradish aioli on top to give it a nice kick. We’re not sure if it was the sauce, or something in the crab cake, but we thought maybe it was a bit over-flavored and a bit too salty. We liked the texture and consistency of the crab cake very much, though.

TMLR Lobstercraft Darien OmNomCT ReviewDSC_9364And, finally, we had their new roll: the TMLR. For your n00bs, that means Traditional Maine Lobster Roll. This is a slight departure from their normal lobster rolls that feature hot buttered lobster. This version featured celery, avocado, lobster, bacon, a light amount of mayo, and lettuce. Now, we normally don’t like lobster salad, it’s just that lobster is so perfect that it doesn’t need anything else but lemon and butter in our minds. But, honestly, the flavors all went very well together and it was even enjoyable for Dan, a mayo-hater. The lightness of mayo definitely helped to make this seem like it was a light sandwich and preserved the deliciousness of the lobster. The bread was fluffy, buttery, and the perfect holder for the lobster.

Final Thoughts

So, those are some of the new dishes that you can look forward to at Lobstercraft. Two other dishes that we want to try are the Lobster Pot Pie (it takes time to heat up, so be ready to wait or call ahead) and Lobster Spring and Egg Rolls made with kimchee and served with a spicy coconut mango sauce. For this coming year, be on the lookout for fun events from Lobstercraft like lobster and clambakes, too. So, our verdict is that Lobstercraft is definitely a spot that you’ll want to check out if you love lobster and seafood in general. Yeah, it’s true . . . from our original review until now: they still rock lobster.

Lobstercraft Darien

Noms: 3.75

Cost: $$$

Address: 284 Tokeneke Road

               Darien, CT

Phone: (203) 655-5400

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