Oysters Served 14 Ways: Oyster Madness @ The Spread w/ Copps Island Oysters

18 Feb

Fresh Oysters at Rowayton Seafood Fish Market in Rowayton CT

If you can’t get enough of oysters, The Spread in SoNo promises to give you something to live for with their upcoming Oyster Madness blowout event. Come by their 70 N. Main Street location on March 3 from 4:30-10 and you’ll get to enjoy oysters 13 different ways. Well, 14 ways if you include their cash-only shucking bar that’s just a buck a shuck. 

There’s no cost to enter, but they will be collecting an optional $10 donation at the door that will go directly to the Sheffield Island Lighthouse Education Program. Oh, and those buck a shuck oysters? All of that money goes right to SILEP, too. Also, The Spread will be offering up a portion of their sales from the night to this local, important program that sheds light on (get it?) “public awareness of our marine resources, environment, and heritage through research, education and preservation.”

Look at these dishes, people:

  • Japanese Style Oyster Shooters with Sake, Rice Vinegar, Mirin, Soy and Wasabi
  • Steamed Oysters in Soy Dressing with Green Onions and Sesame Oil
  • Marinated Oysters with Gin, Dill and Fresh Cucumber
  • Oyster with Scorched Champagne Sabayon
  • Oysters in Warm Bonito Broth with Spinach
  • Poached Oysters with Saffron Cream and Leeks
  • Oyster Cocktail with Tomatoes, Onions, Avocado and Orange
  • Oysters Casino
  • Oyster Chowder
  • Fried Oyster Spinach and Apple Salad with Grapefruit Infused White Balsamic
  • Oyster Sliders with Remoulade
  • BBQ Grilled Oysters
  • Oysters Rockefeller

We know you want to go and down oyster after oyster. For more info on the event like how to meet Norm Bloom and some other great features of the night, check out the flyer below. You’ll also want to set up a reservation so call up the boys of The Spread at (203) 939-1111 or just click here

p.s. We have not created a single oyster or shellfish joke in this post. Be proud . . . be very proud.

Oyster Madness The Spread

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