Noms, Craft Cocktails + Dessert Cafe @ Food for All 2015 to Benefit Community Plates

30 Mar

FFA 2015 400 pxl

Save the date, fellow foodophiles: May 7 from 6-9 pm at The Loading Dock in Stamford.

That’s when Food for All goes down and this year is destined to be even more amazing than the previous years with not only an amazing assortment of new restaurants, and great cocktails being mixed up, but there will also be a Dessert Cafe to sweeten the deal. Tickets are $75 per person or cost $60 if you buy six or more tickets.

As you might remember from previous posts, Community Plates is a volunteer-driven organization that allows Food Runners to rescue food from restaurants, markets, and grocery stores and then deliver it to local food kitchens and other businesses that feed those in need. It’s a brilliant way to help close the circle of hunger in Fairfield County (and beyond) and helps to make good use of literally tons of food (actually 8 million pounds) that normally would just go bad and get thrown out. And, while they have an amazing amount of volunteers here in Fairfield County, New Haven County, and in their other locations, they definitely need help and support to keep everything running smoothly and to have the biggest kind of reach and impact . . . and that’s where Food for All comes in. 

Aside from the very important mission of Community Plates that we just mentioned, there are lots of other reasons why it’ll be awesome to be at Food for All this year:

Featured Restaurants (as of 4/1/15):

  • Abigail Kirsch
  • Aji 10 Latin Cuisine & Pisco Bar
  • Amore Cucina & Bar
  • Cafe Madrid & Tapas Bar
  • Dante’s Restaurant & BarHamachi Tiradito at Paloma in Stamford, CT
  • Fortina
  • Golden View Firenze
  • Greenwich Cheese Co.
  • Jax & Co.
  • K is for Cookies
  • LeRouge Chocolates
  • NEAT
  • Palmwich
  • Paloma
  • Strada 18
  • Table 104 Osteria & Bar
  • Vespa


  • bartaco
  • Drinks from Walrus + CarpenterThe Fez
  • The Spread
  • Walrus & Carpenter

Plus, as you arrive, there will be a nice surprise from one of Community Plates’ biggest supporting restaurants. We think we already know who it is, but we’ll make you wait so that the surprise isn’t spoiled. Plus, there will be a gallery of photos from food photographers that you’ll want to devour right there on the spot. And, if you can’t stand how amazing the photo is, you can purchase it and take it home with all the proceeds going directly to Community Plates.

We hope that you can make it to this great, annual event. And, even if you can’t, please check out more on Community Plates and seriously consider becoming a Food Runner. They’ve expanded to a lot more restaurants and stores, so they’re always in need of more people to help out.

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