Paleo Dieters + Cross Fitters Rejoice; Il Paleo Soon to Open in Greenwich!

1 Apr

No one can deny that eating healthy and choosing a careful diet has become more and more important as food companies increasingly look for dangerous short-cuts and time and cost savings in their food sourcing and production. Modern day pre-packaged, preservative-laden, genetically modified foods have freaked us out all so much, it’s no wonder diets like the Paleo Diet have taken off. Until now, though, Paleo dieters have either needed to rely on themselves to cook meals at home, or ask for meal modifications at restaurants, which isn’t always a great experience. Well, a new restaurant that’s about to open in the Riverside neighborhood of Greenwich is about to change all that.

Chicken with sides at Il Paleo in Greenwich, CT. Photo from Leslie ReiterThe aptly named Il Paleo will feature a completely Paleo menu, a groundbreaking move for the restaurant scene in Fairfield County. “Right now,” says co-owner Hans Pumph, “we’ll have a few high tops near the juice bar, a few banquettes, and 5 tables. We’re going for a high-end, but super relaxed feeling as many of our customers not only work hard, but also workout hard too. We want our restaurant to feel like home, without all the hassle of having to cook (and clean) yourself.”

The menu looks promising, with plenty of great paleo classics like baked chicken breast served with a side of broccoli, liver and onions, steamed salmon steak, hard boiled eggs, bone broth that’s upcycled from the meats they use, avocado halves, and plenty of tubers and veggies. “We are really catering to the hardcore Paleologist here with our menu. We cook it simple, keep the ingredients pure, but make sure it’s packed with flavor–just because it’s Paleo, doesn’t mean it has to be bland,” explains the other owner, Franz Hughup. He went on to share with us that dishes will range from $6 for sides and up to $23 for the meatier courses.

Chicken salad at Il Paleo in Greenwich, CT. Photo from Maria PappaNo doubt that Il Paleo is hitting all the right price points when you consider the quality of the ingredients (all organic, local when possible), but even still they’ve worked in an additional way to help save diners some of their hard-earned money. Pumph and his cousin, Franz Hughup go on to explain that they’ll be opening up a Cross Fit space right next door. With a membership at Pumph-Hughup Cross Fit, you’ll be entitled to a 10% discount on all dining whether takeout, eat-in, or delivery . . . yes, they plan to deliver, folks.

Although this is great news in helping you to save some serious bucks, both owners at Il Paleo have more in store for you. If you’re up for the challenge, a trainer (and trained nutritionist) will take you next door to the restaurant and ensure you’re eating the proper diet. Conversely, at the Cross Fit gym Pumph-Hughup he/she will create workout challenges for Some of the equipment at Pumph-Hughup in Greenwich. Photo from Maria Pappayou which might include jumpstacks, kettle bells, throwing logs, tossing tires, Thrusters, Jerks, handstand push ups, or just a bunch of reps of sit-ups. The more reps that you’re able to handle, the bigger the discount, up to an additional 10%. “But,” shares Hanz, “if you can’t finish the basic reps set up by your coach, you’ll be banned from setting up challenges for an entire month.”

This light-hearted approach only helps to show the importance of keeping people fit, active, and constantly thinking about what they’re eating. But, if it’s a drink you desire, then you’ll want to saddle up to the bar at Il Paleo. They’ll be serving up shots of bone broth, a decadent variety of 20 different coconut waters from across the world, liquified avocado, and herbal tea on the rocks. Sorry folks, no alcohol here. That would be very un-Paleo and Cross Fit of them, now wouldn’t it?

Some of the exercises you'll do at Pumph-Hughup to lower your bill at Il Paleo. Photo from Leah CiavardiniWhile we’re not into either Paleo or Cross Fit, we are into being healthy so we’re definitely excited to try the restaurant. As we noted in the title, we’re talking a Greenwich opening, more specifically the Riverside neighborhood. Right now the plan is to open up by May 15 at 522 East Putnam Avenue. The first 100 diners will receive free passes to Pumph-Hughup for an entire year and anybody who comes by for a meal (they plan to open for breakfast during the summer) in the first month of opening will receive free passes for a month.

So, are you ready to get fit fast, eat right, and—most importantly—are you ready to visit Pumph-Hughup?   

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