Win 2 Tix to Hop Bombs + Farmboys BBQ @ Half Full Rare Beer Night

18 May

Half Full will be pouring out some magic...

One of our favorite times of the month is when Half Full Brewery in Stamford puts on its bi-monthly Rare Beer Night. Each event features 4-5 beers that they have never made before by the brewers at Half Full or some of their guests. This Wednesday will be a great one that you won’t want miss, especially if you love IPAs!

Farmboys Smokin' BBQ logoIt’s the Hop Bombs Rare Beer Night and it starts at 7 pm on 5/20. They’ll be featuring El Dorado IPA, Hull Melon IPA, Polaris IPA, and a surprise beer. Tickets for Hop Bombs cost only $22.09 with tax which is good because the money that you’re gonna save can go towards devouring the awesome BBQ of Farmboys Smokin’ BBQ. How great are these guys? Well, they catered Kristien’s birthday party two years in a row so they’re kind of a big deal. Oh, and if they have their Smoked Mac & Cheese, trust us . . . you need to order it!

If you’d like a shot at winning two of these tickets, let us know here or on FB either why you love IPAs so much or what beer you think that Half Full should make at a future Rare Beer Night. The contest starts now and goes until 5 pm on 5/19. We’ll get in touch with you and send out your tix via e-mail ASAP.

Thanks to Jordan and the Half Full crew for letting us do this giveaway. Also be on the lookout for future Rare Beer Nights such as the Beers on a Boat (7/15), Harvest Beers & Bounty Burger (9/16), and Coffee Beers & Lorca (11/18). More info on all of these here. 

3 Responses to “Win 2 Tix to Hop Bombs + Farmboys BBQ @ Half Full Rare Beer Night”

  1. Nance N. May 19, 2015 at 1:14 am #

    Love the spicy ones and a good fruit IPA beats totally bears a fruit wheat beer. Just love that bite!


  2. uhcowboys May 18, 2015 at 10:34 pm #

    I love IPAs because they are just so damn awesome!!! I love all the variations and flavor profiles that can be created by using different hop varieties and quantities. IPAs make me hoppy.


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