Major Noms: Citarella Gourmet Market + Liquor Shop Opens in Greenwich

3 Jun

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Months ago we saw a little sign come up on a building (600 W. Putnam Avenue) that’s just a few blocks from our house and was being worked on for months: Gourmet Market. Gourmet Market? We searched, we Googled, we tried every single term, but we had no idea what it could be. But, we were excited, especially because as a part of that building there would be a liquor shop! Months after that a sign went up: Citarella.

Seafood section at Citarella in GreenwichOh hell yes. Turns out that Citarella is a market based out of NYC with Upper Westside, Upper Eastside, and Greenwich Village locations as well as out east on Long Island including East Hampton, Southampton, and Bridgehampton. They developed quite the reputation for producing and selling high-quality food and offering a great variety of fresh products, so we knew that having Citarella by us would be a game changer . . . especially because the market is just a short walk away for us. We can literally walk for a few minutes, grab some choice-cut meats, some killer produce, and a few other ingredients then head home to make a legendary meal.

Well, we are so excited to announce that Citarella opened yesterday after a series of delays. And, after stopping by and strolling through the store a few times, we have to say that we’re impressed and that it will most likely live up to our expectations as being a game-changer. Here are a few reasons why:

Butcher section at Citarella in Greenwich1) The produce, meats, and seafood here are top notch. Fruits and veggies are arranged in beautiful rows as you enter and different cuts of meats line the refrigerated section in the back of the store. The butcher section, in particular, is pretty amazing with any kind of meat and cut that you could imagine, including beautiful aged prime beef. But, the thing that we are most excited about is the extensive seafood section that has mussels, clams, oysters, calamari, octopus, fish . . . actually, anything from the ocean it seems. As far as we’ve seen, this is the biggest seafood monger in a market in the area.

2) The food to go is where it’s at. When you enter there are salads and other freshly made options. Then, near the cash registers, there’s a bigger section of salads, sandwiches, and other items that you can just pick up and purchase. In addition, there is an olive bar, salad bar, and even a hot food station. And, what kind of market would this be without a killer deli? Lucky for you that this deli counter is huge and has a ton of great options! 

Pizza and brick oven station at Citarella in Greenwich3) Food can be made right on the spot for you! First up, there are dueling brick ovens that are pumping out pizzas, calzone, and other Italian classics like chicken parm! Then, across from that is a sushi station where fresh rolls are being made all the time. Also, there is another food station that we have a feeling we’ll be using a lot: they have breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, panini, and a full service cafe with espresso drinks. And, there is also a fresh squeezed juice station where you can order any combo of juices made there, right on the spot. This hasn’t been set up yet, but in the meantime you can buy bottles from their NYC spots. You can get whatever you order to go or you could take it around to their cafe, sit, eat, and relax.

4) Fuel your caffeine fix. Right before you leave, you’ll see an island full of coffee and tea choices. And, the thing that’s super cool: there’s plenty of iced coffee there, too!

Salad bar at Citarella in Greenwich5) And everything else food related is here. While Citarella doesn’t have items like medicine, soap, and paper towels, they have everything food wise that you could ever need. In addition to what we’ve mentioned, they are selling freshly baked breads, have a great cheese selection, have a nice dairy and frozen section, and lots of sides prepared by Citarella. 

6) Complete your food purchase with some liquor. Right next door is Citarella’s wine and liquor market which will open next week.

Citarella is definitely a great new market for Greenwich and we think it’ll be very successful. There’s parking in front, to the side, and there’s even a parking garage just for the store, too. Expect Citarella to be open 7 days a week from 7-10, but also be aware that there are still a few spots in the store that need to be filled in which should happen soon with their next few deliveries.

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9 Responses to “Major Noms: Citarella Gourmet Market + Liquor Shop Opens in Greenwich”

  1. Trackhorse at 10:40 am #

    I went in for a few things because I was in the neighborhood. First, I checked for an item that most stores seldom have—fresh turkey wings to make stock. The butcher turned me down, but unlike any other store, offered to order them for me. So I did.

    Their selection of, well… everything is amazing. The prepared items looked fresh and carefully prepared and presented (are you listening Whole Foods? Balducci’s?). I don’t get some other commentary, but the store, and items on offer, was immaculate. And, perhaps most importantly, the staff— from counter clerks to checkout people— was very friendly and helpful. Again, management of local food emporiums have a lot to learn (Ever tried to find an item at WF only to be met with a blank stare?).

    Look forward to trying some of their food. Pizza!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Trackhorse. How awesome that they ordered the wings for you, that’s great service. We are so addicted to their burrata and really need to try their fried chicken.


  2. veronica at 10:51 am #

    I’m soooo excited that Citarella finally opened in Greenwich. I was at the store yesterday and was really impressed. Did you try the pizza they were sampling? Yum! I took home some soft shell crabs, which were amazing last night and a bunch of different salads and fresh pasta. Since I was there I sat in the cafe area with a cup of coffee, checked my had a really comfortable vibe. I can see myself meeting friends there for a quick lunch.

    I don’t know what store zog went to but it doesn’t sound like Citarella.


    • Hey Veronica. Didn’t get to have the pizza, but want to. Did get some iced coffee, a Taboule Salad, and some juice, but haven’t tried it yet. We are definitely excited.


  3. zog at 9:47 am #

    Have you stepped inside this store? I just walk out of it at 9:30 am quite disappointed on the quality and presentation for an opening of a store, give this store a C for a first day opening.
    Read the article in todays Greenwich Time the owner must be referring to his NYC store,this was off the mark by miles.


    • Hey Zog, what’s up? We went last night and everything was immaculate and well organized. There were a few places that were empty, but overall everything looked great.

      What was bad about the presentation?


      • zog at 7:00 pm #

        Have you ever been to a Citaralla before ? (any locations) Bring a camera with you next time ,everything is about presentation,quality,$$$. They were not ready to open in my opinion. I know your writing PR but you won’t be worth two cents if you don’t speak the truth.Didn’t t eat the food looked undesirable and his standards questionable.


        • We actually weren’t reached by them for PR. Funny thing: we reached out months ago and got no response back, actually, so they had no idea who we were. We stopped by randomly yesterday, took notes and some pics. Actually, as you wrote this we left again. It was packed with people and was still immaculate. There was definitely more gone off their shelves, though, so they probably didn’t anticipate their popularity. As for pics, we included pics from our visit in the post.



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