New on the Streets: Q&A with James Marcella of The Brunch Box Food Truck

8 Jun
 ????. Photo from The Brunch Box's FB page.

TBB Breakfast Sandwich: house slab bacon, farm egg, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, hash browns with Sriracha Mayo on their signature toasted Portuguese Muffin. All photos from The Brunch Box’s FB page.

We love the variety of food trucks that you can find here in Fairfield County. You’ve got trucks that focus on grilled cheese, meatball subs, pierogies, tacos, lobster rolls, burgers, fries, arepas, exotic foods . . . and now you can devour some brunch specialties. Oh hell yes, you heard right! The Brunch Box launched just four weeks ago in Stamford and has met with major success so far. In fact, they were so successful this weekend, that they sold out of their signature Portuguese Muffins that they get shipped especially for them from MA. 

The Brunch Box and Hapa Food Truck. Picture from The Brunch Box FB page.Their concept really interested us, so we knew that we had to get down to the bottom of what The Brunch Box was all about, how it was created, what kind of foods they are serving, and customers’ favorites. So, here we go, an exclusive interview with owner and operator James Marcella of The Brunch Box:

1. Where did the idea for The Brunch Box come from?

I always wanted to open a food truck, probably for the last 10 years. I had a great job during that time that I couldn’t leave.  I lost that job last February, so I sorta felt it was my calling to open up a food truck. I thought of a ton of concepts and nothing really latched on to me. I wanted it to stand out and not be your normal taco truck, grilled cheese truck just serving a variety of one item. So I thought of the brunch concept and went with it because you can serve really anything all day, every day: you can have an egg sandwich in the afternoon or a burger on your way to work in the morning. 

2. What kind of items can you find on your menu?

Well, it being a brunch concept, we have a variety of items from breakfast sandwiches, grilled cheeses, Greek yogurt parfait, and smoked salmon. For lunch we have smoked turkey sandwiches, Pastrami Reubens, burgers, and hot dogs. Some menu items may seem normal or boring, but we try to cater to everyone’s different tastes. We are constantly changing the menu with new items based on quality and what is in season at that time. Also, we have a test kitchen that we test every menu item out every possible way until we perfected it. When we come up with something new we have a panel (my critical friends) test it out and give us feedback. Should we toast the bread more? Should we add more sauce? Those are just some of the questions that they help us to answer.

3. Double patty burger at The Brunch Box food truck. Photo from The Brunch Box FB PageWhere will you be stopping? We know Stamford and Norwalk, but anywhere else?

Yes, obviously Stamford at our flagship location on the corner of Atlantic St. and Tresser Blvd. in Downtown.  We have had an overwhelming demand for corporate office parks, breweries, beer gardens and bars to serve when their kitchens close. The best thing to do is check our social media pages (FB and Twitter) to find out our schedule for that week. 

5. What has been people’s response so far and what has been the most popular item?

I have to be honest, we have been open for 4 weeks now and everyone has been ecstatic about the whole concept. I have only gotten positive feedback and everyone has been super supportive. 

Well, we have two VERY popular items. The first is the TBB Breakfast Sandwich: House Slab Bacon, Farm Egg, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Hash Browns with Sriracha Mayo on a Toasted Portuguese Muffin. 

The second is the “Lox Box”: Nova Smoked Salmon from Acme Smoked Fish in Brooklyn, cream cheese, vine ripe tomato, thin sliced red onion, capers and chopped fresh dill, also on a toasted Portuguese Muffin.  

If that’s not enough to excite you and get you chasing down The Brunch Box, we don’t know what else will. We hope to check out The Brunch Box soon, as they often hit up The Beer Garden at Shippan and other local spots. When we do, we’ll be sure to share our thoughts and a review.

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