Who Makes the Best Cocktail in Stamford? You Help Decide @ Best Bartenders Contest from Stamford Magazine

10 Jun

Paloma in Stamford, CT

Who do you think makes the best cocktail in Stamford? Well, Stamford Magazine is doing their best to find out with their Best Bartenders Event right on the outdoor patio at Harbor Point which is located at 2200 Atlantic Street. The competition (and tastings) splash down on June 17 from 6:30-9 with tickets costing $20 if you pre-purchase or $25 at the door. Entry into the Best Bartenders Contest gets you tastes of cocktails, bites of fresh summer dishes, and live calypso music to jam with. The winner of the best cocktail will be decided by your votes and will be featured in the September/October issue of Stamford Magazine.

So, who do you think is best and will take down the top prize?

Is it Sign of the Whale, World of Beer, DolceEclisseCask RepublicPalomaHarlan Social, or FISH?

Whoever you pick, you are the real winner because you get to have a great time and help out the Waterside School, too. 

Best Bartenders Event

6/17 from 6:30-9
$20/$25 at the door
Harbor Point Patio
2200 Atlantic Street 
Stamford, CT

2 Responses to “Who Makes the Best Cocktail in Stamford? You Help Decide @ Best Bartenders Contest from Stamford Magazine”

  1. Bee June 10, 2015 at 12:04 pm #

    Does the drink in your photo have pear in it? I’ve been looking for a summer pear cocktail! Where did you find it?


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