A Tsunami of Support for Tidal River Brewing: Kickstarter Close to Its Goal

23 Jun

Tidal River Brewing Canton Logo

Let’s be honest, there are lots of businesses, breweries, and restaurants who are looking for you to contribute to a new addition or new equipment through donations . . . so many, in fact, that it can get overwhelming. Do I contribute to that hipster who wants to start a brand new mustache oil company, a business who wants to be the brand new app for selfie-taking, or a distillery that promises to shake things up? But, what gets us is how so many of them want you to contribute freely (well, not free for you) without anything in return.

TRBC-simple-logo-trans-2That’s why we love Kickstarter. Businesses like the soon to open Tidal River Brewing in Canton set up a page and create various tiers of giving with escalatinglay awesome rewards. The only catch is that the money goal ($10,000 in Tidal River’s case) needs to be raised before any donations are counted. So, if headbrewer and owner Geoffrey Mattheis was only able to raise the $7,025 that they have now, the fundraiser would not happen and no one would be charged.

But, when they raise $10,000 by 3:26 on June 26, they’ll be fully funded and will get those funds that will help them to buy more kegs and brewing supplies. Geoff makes it clear: they are already approved and ready to go, but your support will help them to kick things off with a bang. And, yes, like we said, there are some nice rewards at different tiers. However you help out, they’ll put your name up on the wall and send you a sweet sticker, but there are other rewards that you’ll get at the brewery or sent out to you in August: 

$5 A handshake redeemable at each visit.

$10 A pint glass

$20 Steel pint with back exclusive artwork (We got this one, how sick is this?)

or Cotton t-shirt with backer exclusive artwork

$25 Tech-T with exclusive artwork

or A Custom Growlette with exclusive artwork

$35 Hoodie with exclusive artwork

$40 Custom growler with back exclusive artwork

$50 Two pint glasses

$75 Growler and two pint glasses

or Ceramic growler with exclusive artwork

$100 Custom label for your own homebrew from their in-house artist

$125 Glass growler and 12 fills, once per month (8 left)

From there you’ll find a few more options but the last is perhaps the coolest: if you contribute $10,000 you’ll have your Reddit username etched into the mashtun in big letters. Also, you’ll have your name and likeness added to the “Never has to pay for beer” wall. Damn, we want to be on that wall! SICK!

And, when they open, you can check out some of these brews (taken from their site):

Swamp Wookie – An American cream-ale style with a light hop aroma and bittering. Coming in at 4%, this crowd pleaser is perfect for a nice warm day.

An Irresponsibility of Hops – A SMaSH (Single Malt, Single Hop) pilsner style lager with waaaaay too many Galaxy hops, crisp, clean and super duper hoppy madness.

Big Floppy Donkey Dunkelweisen – A dark-wheat dunkelweisen beer with a splash of cherries for a sweet end.

Casey’s Caboose – A delightful Hefeweisen brewed with local honey from Jone’s Apiary in Farmington. Crisp, clean, smooth and a little more ABV than expected. Named for a now-closed Vermont waterhole that saw many summer shenanigans involving Hefe beers.

Keinheitsgehbot – An irreverent take on the “Reinheitsgehbot” or German Beer Purity Law. This Kölsch style lager flips the formula on its head with a hefty dose of tart black cherry and chipotle peppers. Smokey and slightly sweet with a definitive crisp, clean lager look and end.

Cascade Parade – A Single hopped american ale brewed with, you guessed it, Cascade hops. This beer is perfect for dry-hopped additions and infusing with other flavors.

Take me to Flavor Town – A delightful Vanilla porter ale. Biscuity malt backbone with a splash of vanilla flavors. Whole vanilla beans lend a slightly smoky after taste that lingers, complementing the sweet beginning.

Honey Badger IPA – A pleasant American IPA with interesting hop profiles. The malt bill leaves a slightly sweet honey nose and flavor lingering.

Tidal River Brewing

15 Cheryl Drive Suite 4K

Canton CT 06019

Projected Opening: Summer 2015

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