Growler Fills NOW at Cask Republic Stamford; Growler Care + Tips

7 Jul

Starting today (that’s July 7) at 4, Cask Republic Stamford will start filling growlers for customers who want to take the party home with them. This is happening now as a result of the new CT liquor laws that we broke the news on with the passing of this year’s budget. 

To get your fill, just bring a clean growler with you and select from any of the specially marked and priced beers on the menu. They’ll pour sip into your growler, you take it home, then you’re all set. In related news of awesomeness, Cask Republic isn’t ruling out the notion of letting people fill up on growlers of the big guys, you know the ones: Fuzzy Baby Ducks, Sip of Sunshine, Dogfish anything, Lunch, and anything else that people go crazy over. 

If you don’t have your own growler, you can buy one from them for just $5 . . . not too shabby at all.

So, that’s it, really. But, we wanted to just share some tips for using and caring for growlers to get you ready for your new adventures at bars and breweries:

Once filled then opened, growlers tend to last 1-3 days. You don’t want to wait on these at all, though . . . the faster you drink them, the better. If you’re waiting for the weekend, you shouldn’t have to worry, either, because as long as the growler is sealed tightly, it can remain fresh for a week or two. But, our rule of thumb is always to drink the growler ASAP because you’re dealing with a very fresh product and you want to taste it during its peak flavor and carbonation. 

As soon as the growler is empty, rinse it out a few times with hot water. That’s all you should have to do.

If it’s been sitting for a while, you might want to give it a better cleaning. In that case, you can use a cleaner or detergent that is not fat or oil-based. These soaps have a tendency to stick around, and who wants that in your beer?

And, if for some reason it’s really nasty down at the bottom of that growler, you could use a brush to gently clean it out. But, be sure to use something delicate like a baby bottle brush, especially with glass or ceramic growlers. If you’re using a metal brush, you’ll probably damage the hell out of your favorite growler.

Let your growler dry out with the cap off. After dry, we just store the cap to the side of the growler. Do one final rinse and dry out to get any dust out before filling.

Keep your growler away from extreme temperatures like boiling hot or freezing. We don’t know how you’d really do this, but don’t do it. Bad idea, as you’ll probably destroy your growler . . . and all that precious beer inside. 

How do you take care of your growler? Do you have any tips? Please feel free to share!

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