Serendipity Magazine Releases Locally Made 2015 Guide to Best Products

14 Jul

Serendipity Magazine has rounded up a stellar list of the best products made right in our own backyards of Fairfield and Westchester Counties. From design studios, to soaps, to bakeries, to chocolatiers, and even violins, the end result is the Serendipity Locally Made 2015 guide that show off what Fairfield and Westchester have to offer. 

So, we wanted to give you a little sneak peek into the food winners. Just click through and you’ll go to the page describing why they are the best this year. And, while we’ve had some of these products (mentioned below), it looks like we’ve got some research of our own to do very soon. ;)  

Locally Made Winner 2015: Penny Lick Ice Cream

Locally Made Winner 2015: Ry’s Ruffery (Our dog Maynard loves these treats!)Cold Roman from Raus Coffee

Locally Made Winner 2015: Chocolations

Locally Made Winner 2015: Raus Coffee (Sick Cold Romans!)

Locally Made Winner 2015: Healing Home Foods

Locally Made Winner 2015: Connecticut Cookie Company (So crispy, so wonderful)

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