Hardcore Locavore Fork It Over Dining Series this Sunday ft. Matt Storch, Arik Bensimon, Jamie Cooper + Geoff Lazlo

20 Jul

Westport Farmers' Market poster_summer15

Seasons change. The Earth tumbles ahead through fall, winter, spring, then summer. And, as the seasons change, so does the fruit and veggies that pop up magically from farm fields. Some get sold at the farm, some make their way to restaurants, and some are brought to many of the farmers’ markets that dot Connecticut now more than ever. And, at one of the markets, there’s a palpable energy, a strong core of farmers, restaurateurs, chefs, business owners, and freshconscious consumers. We are speaking of Westport Farmers’ Market, of course, founded by Paul Newman and Chef Michel Nischan.

Seasons change, but that’s cool because that means it’s just about time for the next installment of the Fork It Over dining series that benefit the Westport Farmers’ Market. And, for the adventurous, the locavores, and the true food lovers, these meals are not to be missed. For each event, four local chefs create amazing menus based off of what’s freshest at local farms, but that’s about all you’re told. The rest, such as the style (clambake, pig roast, New England supper), the focus, and the ingredients are left off, ready for you to discover when you take a seat at the dinner table.

Chef Matt Storch of Match in SoNo prepares his famous meatballsThe summer event kicks off at Saugatuck Grain & Grape at 4:30 on 7/26 where attendees will chat and give a toast to local food, farmers, and chefs. From there, people will be sent to one of four different houses in the area. At each house, a celebrated local chef will be in the kitchen, preparing a meal. Those chefs this time around are Matt Storch of Match and The Chelsea, Jamie Cooper of Bonda in Fairfield, Arik Bensimon of leFarm, and Geoff Lazlo who will soon open Mill Street Bar & Table in Greenwich. 

Tickets are $125 and can be purchased by reaching out to Lori Cochran-Dougall, the Westport Farmers’ Market Director. Let her know your full name, how many tickets you are buying, and if you have any kind of dietary restrictions. As we write this, there are just a few tickets left, so we’d love to see those remaining tickets go today! Even if you can’t make it, pass the info to a friend and check out the other two dates of 9/27 and 3/3. 

We hope to see you there!

The Westport Farmers’ Market is a 501c3 non-profit, whose mission it is to create and maintain a regional hub where real farmers connect with consumers over real food. In facilitating these interactions, the Westport Farmers’ Market strives to help food producers and food consumers forge lasting relationships

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