The Fez Grand Reopening Party Drops on August 15 – Stamford, CT

6 Aug

Back on May 21, we broke the sad news that The Fez in Stamford would be closed for a couple of months to further fezzify it and bring in some much-needed updates. Well, wait no more Fezavores . . . they’re just about ready to open their doors again!

And, lucky for you, you’ll only need to wait until August 15! That’s when owner Eric Monte will be hosting the Grand Reopening Party and the reveal of the made-over restaurant. On that night you’ll not only get tastes of Chef Shelby’s updated menu, but there will be live music from The Casablanca Project, The Juicy Grapes, and a few special guests. Plus, it’s also owner Eric Monte’s birthday, so it’s just gonna be a killer good time.

Well, what’ll be new at The Fez? Let’s dish:

  1. The logo has updated with a monkey wearing a fez hat. It doesn’t get much cooler than that, folks.
  2. The Fez Stamford Bar Makeover

    Say goodbye to the old bar and get ready to rock the new Fez bar!There will be an easier to navigate website, making it easier to view the menu, events, and their extensive musical calendar.

    Rock the Fez bar, rock the Fez bar . . . and it’ll be super easy to with a bar that has doubled in size with the addition of a stage-side bar for people who don’t want to leave the live music experience.

  3. And that takes us to the stage. There’s a slick performance area now, ready for bands, musicians, or whatever entertainment hits The Fez for that given night. If you’re in a band, get a booking by writing Bobby Fiorita here.
  4. The dining room has also been updated and improved, so you’ll have more room to nom away. And, speaking of nomming away, Chef Shelby will have some new things to introduce you to on the menu. One dish that we’re stoked for is the Grilled Octopus with harissa mango sauce and fried fave beans (and a nice Chianti?), but whatever you decide on for your meal, there are a few common factors that remain the same after the update. The quality of the food will still be awesome, the spices used will be exotic (don’t think just Moroccan, think anything along the Mediterranean), and there will be plenty of options whether you are a hardcore carnivore, a vegetarian, a vegan, or even if you go gluten-free.

We wish The Fez lots of success with their opening and look forward to checking out their new spot very soon. 


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