Going Cray Cray for Donut Crazy in Shelton (Review)

19 Aug

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After a long day of brewery hopping with Dan’s brother and new sister-in-law Chad & Lindsey, we were in the mood to play an intense game of mini golf at The Sports Center of Connecticut before hitting Dew Drop Inn in Derby, with our minds on wings as we pulled in, we were quickly distracted by the bright shining Donut Crazy sign right across the road. It’s like we have Food A.D.D., so of course we had to work it into our plans.

Donut Crazy in SheltonAfter Dan won mini golf (by only one point for the record, hehe), we hit up Donut Crazy to get us some dessert for late night. Upon entering, the sweet and doughy smells overcome you and then you feast your eyes upon them. Donuts, a crazy amount of donuts, everywhere. Over 36 flavors to be more specific. Yeah, you can’t help but get that kid in a candy store kind of feeling.

As we walked up to get in line, we started to panic about how we could possibly only choose one (ok, maybe two) flavors. We just couldn’t narrow things down, so we decided to go a little donut crazy!

Okay, fine, we will!

Okay, fine, we will!

We got an Apple Crumble, a Samora, a CoCo LoCo, and a Maple Bacon glazed. And, while we didn’t try a couple of them until later that night, they were on our mind the entire drive home from Dew Drop Inn.

First up, we tried the Apple Crumble. Crispy crunchies were on top of a delicate, semi sweet dough. Inside was an apple filling that was killer good, oozing spicy flavors and nice chunks of apple. Then we took the CoCo LoCo down. The outside had coconut flakes and white chocolate to give it that nice sweet taste. The filling was a creamy coconut filling, adding more exotic flavor and tying the whole donut together.

Samora from Donut Crazy in SheltonThe next morning for breakfast Dan took down the Samora, their play on the classic Samoa Girl Scout Cookie. This donut was boss and was an upgrade from the cookie. You had the same donut, but the bottom was covered in dark chocolate, dipped in caramel, drizzled with ribbons of more dark chocolate, then topped with crunchy and toasty bites of coconut caramel. This was a meal in of itself, seriously great flavors going on. 

And, while we wouldn’t recommend waiting more than a day to eat these, we saved the Maple Bacon for Monday because Dan had something special in store for his first day of vacation. He cut the donut in half and lightly toasted it so it could get all warm and gooey. While it toasted, Dan prepped an egg, sunny side up. And, yes, in about two minutes an epic breakfast sandwich was born. It was sweet, it was savory, it was doughy, and the yolk from the egg oozed all over and made a rich dipping sauce. While they don’t have this on the menu there, we think they totally should. We’ll call it the OmNomCT special.

What you see when you enter Donut Crazy!Speaking of, as if this place weren’t awesome enough, they have breakfast and lunch foods too, like Grilled Cheese Donuts, Breakfast Sandwiches, Breakfast Platters, Bagels, Soups, Cupcakes, Scones, and more. And, of course, they’ve got all your coffee needs taken care of from hot to cold, from tea to espresso, from cappuccino to hot chocolate. 

Yep, we’re fans! Our only regret? We wish we had gotten the chance to try more, like Kristien’s fave flavor, PBJ (which they were out of) or Dan’s fave flavor, Cannoli. Don’t worry though, Omnivores, we’ll definitely be back for more!

Donut Crazy

785 River Road

Shelton, CT 06484


3690 Main Street

Stratford, CT 06614
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4 Responses to “Going Cray Cray for Donut Crazy in Shelton (Review)”

  1. marc August 19, 2015 at 10:15 am #

    They need to open up in Stamford, our donut options are pathetic.


  2. Maria @ Pappa Don't Preach August 19, 2015 at 9:51 am #

    I’ve been meaning to check them out for some time now! I’m thinking that with my upcoming half marathon, it would play nicely into my training as a post run treat. ;)



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    […] Fat Elvis from Donut Crazy with locations in Shelton, Stratford, and hopefully soon in New Canaan. When we last visited Donut Crazy we, sadly, did not order a Fat Elvis donut. We nearly broke down in tears, whence we realized our […]


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