Eat Steaks @ Sedona Taphouse, Raise $$$ for Norwalk Seaport Association

24 Aug

Okay, we know that we don’t probably have to go anywhere past the title of this post because, well, steak. There’s steak involved. It’s steak. Actually, to be more precise, it’s Sedona Taphouse‘s Black Angus Flat Iron Steak. They’ll be serving those bad boys up for just $10 during lunch and dinner every single Monday starting today until 9/21. Half of that $10 is going right to the Norwalk Seaport Association who provides countless educational opportunities and helps to preserve the Sheffield Island Lighthouse. This, folks, is what they are calling “Steak Out for Charity” and we hope you can get there.

As if the steak deal wasn’t enticing enough, Sedona Taphouse (recently opened in the Waypointe development in Norwalk) has beer. Lots of freaking beer. Like 50 on tap and 350 by the bottle lot. Also, if you come by for their Happier Hour from 3:30-6:30, you can get all drafts, wine by the glass, cocktails, flatbreads, sliders, and tacos for just $5.

We haven’t been yet, but this is a pretty enticing offer to get us in the doors. Hopefully you can stop by and check out this great event to help a local organization that does so much good.

Sedona Taphouse

515 West Avenue

Norwalk, CT

Phone: (203) 299-1800 for reservations

Hours for Mondays are 11:30-11:30

4 Responses to “Eat Steaks @ Sedona Taphouse, Raise $$$ for Norwalk Seaport Association”

  1. Amy at 1:39 pm #

    I checked out this place a couple Sundays ago…they offer a complimentary “beer school” on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00 at the bar, with 8 – 10 tastings and info dispensed from a very knowledgeable and friendly staffer! They post what kind of beer they will focus on each week on their facebook page. Currently you just show up and grab a seat at the bar, but I think they may start asking for RSVPs for some of the more popular ones coming up. Definitely worth checking out! I’ll have to come back again soon for their steak night.


  2. Hank at 12:25 pm #

    Odd, down in Virginia, their ongoing Monday night special is $6 steak. Here, it’s $10 and only for the next month or so. What gives?


    • Hank, they are giving $5 of that 10 to charity, so really like selling it for $5. Even at a 10 it’s a great deal, though, for that cut. Also, it might be that food and supplies are cheaper in Virginia, not sure.


  3. Leslie at 10:02 am #

    This is amazing, we will definitely go!!!!


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