Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy w/ Mug Club Membership at No Worries Brewing

10 Sep

No Worries Brewing Company

Now just a few weeks away from opening, No Worries Brewing in Hamden is helping you get in on the ground level. For $85, you can be a mug club member for their first year in business and get crazy good perks. Dig it:

🍺 A No Worries Brewing mug with your own hook in the taproom to keep it safe

🍺 A free growler fill and a no cost birthday pint

🍺 While all the other suckers are drinking 16 oz. pours, you’ll be taking down 20s (high ABV not included)

🍺 Special events and trappings just for members, plus you’ll be at their private launch event

🍺 Your own exclusive, swagalicious t-shirt

🍺10% off No Worries Brewing merchandise.

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