b.good Fairfield Hosts Grand Opening Party + Partners with Community Plates

14 Sep
Co-founder and chef, Tony Rosenfeld of b. good

Chef Tony Rosenfeld (also co-founder) of b.good putting together a Farmstand Tomato-Basil Kale & Grain Bowl at The Westport Farmers’ Market

We took a trip Portland, Maine a couple of weeks ago and devoured so much food (surprising, right?) One of our favorite spots that we checked out was The Holy Donut, which uses potato and sweet potato in their donuts. Holy crap, people: amazing. And, just a few doors down is b.good, a restaurant that we learned about a month ago when we were walking through Greenwich and saw that it was opening up on the avenue. 

DSC_1549Our interest was definitely piqued when we saw they were using fresh, local, and organic food and helping to revolutionize the fast food industry with a new approach: real food made by people, not factories. Then things got even better when we figured out that Chef Tony Rosenfeld from b.good Fairfield (he’s also the co-founder) would be at The Westport Farmers’ Market giving a cooking demo. Dan checked it out during a rare day off and loved their fresh juices like the Honeydew Agua Fresca, dug the farmstand fresh salad, and really enjoyed their burger with fresh pico de gallo and guacamole. The cool thing? Nearly everything they made that day came right from the vendors at WFM! 

DSC_1565Fast forward a few weeks and b.good Fairfield is now open (1460 Post Road) and is already making some waves here in Fairfield County. That’s because they’ve permanently partnered with Community Plates to not only bring unused foods to local kitchens, but also give opportunities to customers to learn more about CP and get involved.

And, they are also throwing a Grand Opening party on 9/19 from 11-9! On that day, you can not only learn more about Community Plates, but you can check out live music, get some swag with giveaways, and of course eat the hell out of their wholesome, fresh, local food. Also, cool thing: they’ll give 15% of their profits from the party right to Community Plates.

b.good Greenwich should open in a couple of months, too, see keep your eyes out for that, hungry Greenwichites. We know we can’t wait because we’re often in search of some good food options when we’re on the Avenue.

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