Grana Pastificio: Bar Sugo Starts New Line of Fresh Pasta and Products

21 Oct

Pasta: it’s what’s for dinner. All photos from Bar Sugo and Grana Pastificio Facebook pages.

Update: Grana Pastificio now has new owners and a brick and mortar store in Westport next to Winfield Street Italian Deli. For more info, email, or call 203-557-3855

When people ask us about where we love to get Italian food, all the Italian spots here in Fairfield County race through our minds, but it always comes down to just a few restaurants that we feel can do it all. Good, quality pies, fresh, rustic flavor, and killer, hand and housemade pasta. And, it should be no surprise to any of our readers that we have a love affair with the saucy and savory Bar Sugo.

Now it’ll be even easier to get that Bar Sugo taste at home. Photo from Bar Sugo FB page.

And, as far as Bar Sugo goes, they’ve gone through some major changes in the past few years. They started off as a little pizza joint in a strip mall then moved into a new spot at 102 Wall Street where they are now. They’ve hosted some killer wine, game, and beer dinners, and they even host extremely popular wine and pasta classes. Well, now they’re adding on another thing of awesomeness: Bar Sugo pasta, ready for you to take home and make at your own convenience.

We talked with Chef Pat Pascarella about his new venture, Grana Pastificio, for a bit and he had plenty to share about where the idea came from, where you’ll be able to buy Grana Pastificio, and future plans:

The idea of doing this started when we started our pasta making classes. After the classes they would buy our pasta instead of going home and making it so we decided to start the company. Grana means little grain in Italian so it fits. Pastificio means pasta shop. We’re starting slow and then gonna branch out to more shops and hopefully a lot of farmers markets. Once we gain a decent amount of customers then we’re gonna get a location with hopefully a small retail attached as well. 

We’re also doing our own sauces, soppressata, duck prosciutto, and eventually extra virgin olive oil from Italy and salt from Italy as well. But one step at a time.

To start, you’ll be able to find the pasta available at Harbor Harvest, located at 7 Cove Ave. And, like Chef Pat said, you’ll also be able to find it and other products soon at other local shops and farmers’ markets. In addition, you could call up Bar Sugo at (203) 979-2828 a day in advance, and you’ll be able to pick up your own bags of pasta.

As of today (and soon to expand), these are the three types of pasta you can get:

Fusilli are corkscrew shaped pasta that resemble springs.

These little guys look like small cones that open up with a ruffled edge. The openings are perfect for capturing lots of beautiful sauce.

Pacchetti pasta are large tubes that you can serve up normally or even stuff . . . yeah, that big. Forget the ziti, this is where it’s at.

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  1. Dorothy October 24, 2015 at 7:19 pm #

    Just cooked the truffle ricotta tortellini ……… Wow!!
    Really delicious

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