Hello Greenwich, Meat Fleishers Craft Butchery, Opening 10/27

22 Oct

Yes, the wait is finally almost over for the opening of Fleishers Craft Butchery in Greenwich . . . and we couldn’t be any more excited. Well, maybe if they had pork chops stuffed with $1,000 bills, but still, we’re damn happy. Starting on 10/27 (that’s Tuesday) they will open their doors and will not only be selling their amazing selection of humanely and pasture raised meats, but will also have a great selection of sides and food options. And, there will also be a “Monger Mingle” in a couple of weeks . . . but, more on that in a sec.

First, let’s look at Fleishers. It all started back in Kingston, NY in 2004 when Fleishers began and became well known for their careful sourcing of animals from an even more carefully selected array of farms. Fast forward to last year when they merged with Saugatuck Craft Butchery in Westport who also shared the same passion for high-quality meats and foods as well as their passionate outlook on raising animals. With the added strength of their combined companies, they set in place plans to open up the Greenwich shop at 160 East Putnam Avenue.

Chef Adam Truelove will be creating the dishes at Fleishers Craft Butchery and will be catering up a storm! Pic from http://fleishers.com

The location will prove to be a great place to shop because it’s in the holy trinity hot spot of food in the area with Fjord Fishery and Fairfield Cheese Co. right next door. Does that get any better than that? Nope.  And, with the selection of heritage pork, lamb, pasture-raised beef, free range chicken and a nice variety of housemade sausages, you’ll be getting the best meat that money can buy. But, no, that’s not all: they will also have a selection of housemade frozen stocks to make cooking easy, meatballs, ground beef and other grab-n-go dishes made by Chef Adam Truelove. That name should sound familiar to Nutmeggers because he has worked at Tarry Lodge, Pine Social in New Haven, and eleven 14 in Greenwich. And now he’s taking his culinary talents to the Fleishers team and will also be offering up catering to make events, holidays, and meal time super easy.

Like we said, Fleishers Craft Butchery Greenwich will open up on 10/27, so you can start shopping really soon. Then, come back on 11/12 from 7-9 for the “Monger Mingle.” This night celebrates not only the official Grand Opening Party, but also celebrates the awesome conglomerate of mongers in that shopping center: fishmongers, cheesemongers, and meatmongers. All three spots will have special open houses that night, so hold off on the food shopping that week because you’re gonna wanna buy a whole load of stuff!

Congratulations on the opening, Fleishers, we’ll be there soon, prepping for some great meals.

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