New England Brewing to Reopen on November 14, Clean the Growlers

6 Nov

Do you remember those heartbreaking times when you were young and you fell in love with someone? The summer would come along and you’d have to say goodbye until next year, or you went off to camp, then you had to say goodbye before school started? Oh wait, we are just remembering that from the latest ABC Family Movie. But, you know what?

That same feeling of longing and teenage angst remains true and remains current for the CT beer lover. Yes, the heartbreak ensued when, weeks and weeks ago, New England Brewing Company in Woodbridge said they would be doing some updating. Then the updating turned to something bigger and the tasting room closed down. All the while they continued production via their friends at Two Roads and still got out plenty of their great beer, but people missed the NEBCo experience. 

Well, look here all you lovelorn dreamers, NEBCo will open their tasting room again next Saturday, November 14. And, with this opened tasting room comes with a dialing up of production and more beer coming from them that we’re used to. We have to say that the pain was definitely worth the gain.

Congratulations again to everyone at NEBCo on your expansion and we look forward to even more great beer. Cheers! 

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