5 Cocktail Recipes to Make Your Holidays Sparkle via Whole Foods Market

25 Nov

Getting ready for tonight, the biggest drinking day of the year, prepping for Thanksgiving, or need some cocktails in your back pocket and ready to go for the big day itself? Well, we’re happy to share some amazing cocktail recipes that Whole Foods Market shared with us to give to you, our awesome and wonderful readers. The awesome thing? You can quickly snag up the ingredients right at Whole Foods, making your life even easier.

We hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever and enjoy the heck out of these recipes. 

Coffee Vodka Tonic 2

Coffee Vodka Tonic

2 oz.    Stumptown Cold Brewed Coffee

2 oz.    Vodka – we like Boyd and Blair
2 oz.    Q Tonic
Orange zest garnish
Shake coffee and vodka on ice. Pour tonic into glass; pour coffee/vodka mix into tonic. Squeeze orange zest into cocktail and garnish top of glass.
Owl at the Moon 3

Owl at the Moon

3 oz.    Owl’s Brew Pink and Black
1 1/2 oz. Moonshine – we like Hudson Whiskey’s New York Corn Whiskey
2 dash Bitter Frost Basement Bitters
Thin round slice of lemon

Shake Owl’s Brew, moonshine, and bitters over ice. Float the lemon slice on top to create the moon to howl at. This recipe is also delicious warm.
In the Pom of Your Hand 5

In the Pom of Your Hand

1 oz.    Spiced rum – we like Sailor Jerry
1/2 oz.   Silver rum – we like Busted Barrel
1/2 oz.   Vodka – we like LIV
2 oz.    Pomegranate juice
Pomegranate seeds
Lime slice
2 dash Hella Bitters citrus bitters
 Shake rum, vodka, juice and bitters over ice. Serve strained and garnish with a float of lime slice topped with pomegranate seeds.

Ginger Snap
1 oz.    Brandy
1 oz.    Barrow’s Intense Ginger – we like Barrow’s Intense Ginger
1/2 oz.   Drink More Good Cassia Kream syrup
4 oz.    Seltzer
1-2 dash Hella Bitters Ginger Lemon bitters        
Maraschino Cherry Garnish
Pour Brandy, ginger, Kream syrup, and Seltzer over ice and stir well. Garnish with cherry.

Apple Maple Fizz
2 oz.    Bourbon – We like Hudson Whiskey’s Four Grain Bourbon
1 1/2 oz. Cocktail Crate Maple Whisky Sour Mixer
3 oz.    Doc’s Draft Hard Cider
Apple slice/ maple sugar garnish
In a tall champagne flute, pour Bourbon and Maple Sour mixer over crushed ice and stir well. Top with hard cider and garnish rim with a slice of apple dipped in maple sugar.

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