Holiday Must: Charcuterie Class @ Fleishers Greenwich 

11 Dec

How beautiful is this spread? Wanna learn how to slice up, arrange, and source something like this? DONE! (Pic from Fleishers site)

Charcuterie. It’s hard not to love delicately sliced meat, especially when it’s put out all nice and pretty on a platter with some fine cheeses. But, really, we’ve been spelling it for years but still can’t manage to get it right all the time. We’re getting better, though, and think we’ve finally found the secret. 

But, we digress. Fleishers Greenwich knows charcuterie . . . and they know it so well. Just take a look at their display case and you’ll see amazing meats that not only are full of flavor, but are also sustainably and organically procured. Well, lucky for you because they are putting together  a Charcuterie class next Thursdays, 12/17, from 7-9.

Your teacher that night is Chef Adam Truelove who is the culinary director of Fleishers in Greenwich and Westport. As a student, you’ll learn about different kinds of charcuterie, how they are made, how to shop for the best kinds, how to slice them up real nice, and how to make your own holiday charcuterie platter!

But, you won’t just be looking at him talk about meat: you’ll get to sample lots of charcuterie as well as drink wine. In addition, you won’t leave home empty handed because you’ll get your own wood charcuterie board to use during the holidays and (here’s the kicker and where you can save a ton of dinero) you’ll get 10% off all in-store purchases that night.

If you’re interested, make sure to reserve your spot by clicking here. Tickets are $75, but you’ll definitely get your $ worth, especially if you buy some of their meats, sauces, and other products.

Happy Holidays!

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