Celebrate Bacon Day w/ The Fat Elvis from Donut Crazy!

30 Dec



Slightly after . . .

Okay, so it appears that there are TWO International Bacon Days. Because, well, bacon. Can you really have one day for bacon? Pssssh. For the true, hardcore and devoted even two days is not enough . . . try 365.

But, we digress. Let’s talk about The Fat Elvis from Donut Crazy with locations in Shelton, Stratford, and hopefully soon in New Canaan. When we last visited Donut Crazy we, sadly, did not order a Fat Elvis donut. We nearly broke down in tears, whence we realized our folly. 

But, our tears turned to joy yesterday when we stopped by their Stratford store to pick up a quick dessert. And, this morning, we just tore it apart. Here’s what a Fat Elvis is:

1 part spongy, chewy, delicate donut

1 part creamy peanut butter on top of said donut

1 part crispy and crunchy bacon pile with chocolate drizzle on top of peanut butter

1 part banana custard inside said donut

This is a definite donut to order there if you want your bacon fix, but you could also add in their Maple Bacon that Dan mod’d to create an egg sandwich.

Happy eating everyone . . . and Happy New Year! May 2016 kick ass for ya!

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