Taste of Sicily: Palmer’s Market Pop-Up Restaurant ft. Michelin Starred Sicilian Chef Claudio Ruta

21 Jan

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 8.08.15 AM

Gioacchino Passalaqua and Claudio Ruta will be giving everybody an authentic Taste of Sicily at the Palmer’s Market Pop-up Restaurant. Pick from Palmer’s Market Site. 

We’ve written about plenty of pop-ups, but how about a pop-up where the chefs come from halfway across the world to take part in a two day experience? Yup, that’s happening at Palmer’s Market in Darien! The dates are January 25 and January from 7:30-9:30 on both nights. For $80 you will get a complete four-course BYOB meal.

Now, more about the chefs who are taking over the market:

Gioacchino Passalaqua (who lives in Sicily) is Palmer Market’s Italian Food importer and he’ll be hosting the event. Along with him will be one of Sicily’s top chefs: Claudio Ruta. How top is this chef? Well, he has earned a Michelin Star for his work at La Fenice in Ragusa, Sicily. 

To reserve your seat, please call (203) 655-2077 and let them know where you heard about this great event! Here’s a tasting of the menu:


Creamy Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Sicilian Sea Salt, Crusty Bread
Pan-Seared Scallops: Toasted Bread, Light Tomato Sauce, Olives and Capers
Vitello Tonnato: Thinly Sliced Veal, Creamy Tuna Sauce, Beef Tartare


Artemide Rice Salad: Turnip Greens, Sautéed Garlic, Smoked Ricotta Cream
Fusilli Pasta: Saragolla Durum Flour Pasta, Rocket Cream, Cherry Tomato Coulis, Dried Fruit


Peppered Filet of Beef: Chocolate of Modica, Aubergine Cream, Cauliower Pancake


Pineapple Carpaccio: Caramel, Venus Pepper, Vin Santo Jelly, Vanilla Gelato

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