[oink] + The Cocktail Chemist Pop-up at Main Street Grill

22 Jan


Dimitrios Elias Zahariadis puts the finishing touches on his cocktail

Dimitrios aka The Cocktail Chemist will be shaking things up with [oink]

[oink] [oink] baby! Wasn’t that a quote from A.C. Slater on an episode of Saved by the Bell? The one where the boys and girls set off to battle each other through a series of tasks that eventually lead into sabotage . . . and of course hilarity. You either think that reference is awesome or lame, but either way, let’s move ahead with this post of two great pop-up experiences from the boys at [oink] . . . and a few special guests.

First of all, we have the menu for an exclusive pop-up dinner at Main Street Grill in Watertown on 2/28. Yes, like all [oink]s, there will be Chef Craig Hutchinson and Alex Lischynsky at the helm in the kitchen, but this one will be a bit different. Alongside both chefs will be The Cocktail Chemist, Dimitrios Zahariadis. The same Dimitrios who is the USBG President and who is poised to open up the new Anchor Bar in New Haven. On that fateful day, friends, they’ll be presenting a 5-course menu with three cocktail pairings! Tickets are not on sale yet, but keep checking their Site for details! Just check out this menu:



Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

In addition, both Chef Hutchinson and Lischynsky will be heading up to Brookline, Mass. for a three-night pop-up series from February 23-25 at Ribelle. On the 23rd, they’ll be cooking with Matt Wick of River Tavern, on the 24th James Wayman of Oyster Club will be with them in the kitchen, and on the last day they’ll be working with Tyler Andersen of Millwrights. Dinner is anywhere between $65-$85 and will feature 5-7 courses (um, why go with 5? Do 7!) The menu hasn’t been released yet, so be sure to check back with [oink] for the full details.


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