Chef Carlos Baez of The Spread Vows to Beat Bobby Flay on Food Network

4 Feb

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Chef Carlos Baez (pictured top left) of The Spread, the first kind of words that might spring up at you are kind, smiling, generous, reserved and creative . . . but how about dogged, uber-concentrated, and competitive? Well, we had a chance to see his tougher and rougher side when he recently competed against other chefs in the CT Chefs Challenge event. He was laser-focused on his sous chefs and dish that wowed the judges. Baez has also had lots of other success with food contests like Chowdafest.

And, now, comes his ultimate test: his spot on the Food Network show “Beat Bobby Flay.” He’ll be competing with two other chefs to see who’s got enough cooking mojo to take down Bobby Flay in the final round. It works like this: the judges (Katie Lee and Damaris Phillips for this episode) pick a dish that they think the final chef can beat Bobby with. Then, the real heat of the competition starts!

Chef Baez’s episode on 2/11 is entitled “Sweet and Spicy,” so we already think he has a nice advantage because those are two dominant flavors in his cooking! He will be facing Chef Steven Scalesse of Tullulah’s in Bay Shore, NY. 

We certainly hope that you’ll be watching at home to cheer on one of our favorite chefs, but if you want to really be in the heat of the action, stop by The Spread that night. There will be a live viewing starting at 10. And, get this: Chef Baez will be serving the dish that he uses to throwdown with Bobby Flay!

Good luck to Chef Baez and The Spread team. 


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