Reserve Your Spot for Spring Wine, Scoth + Pairing Classes @ Harry’s in Fairfield

5 Feb
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Classes sell out quickly, so get on the phone (you know that thing you use to check FB with) and give them a call.

So, here’s the deal: Harry’s of Fairfield is a go-to spot for liquor, beer, and wine here in Fairfield County. And, here’s the other thing: they host awesome wine and tasting classes all the time. But, here’s the other thing: these classes always sell out so damn fast. That’s why we’re telling you about the Spring 2016 events NOW! Learn more about wine, Scotch, and even get some experience with Italian food pairings. 

Check ’em out, pick your fave(s), then get your spot by calling them at (203) 259-4692!

All classes are held on Wednesdays from 7-9pm

March 2nd A Balancing Act $35.00  

Continuing from where our Wine 101 Class left us, we’ll explore today’s welcome trend towards b alanced wines produced without manipulation and how that is a reversal of the ‘Parkerization’ of behemoth, syrupy wines too high in alcohol and too low in a cidity. Taste a selection of wines displaying lower alcohol naturally balanced with brighter acidity, a more contemplative style of wine being eagerly embraced by wine lovers and sommeliers!

March 9th New! Staff Favorites: From Our Palates to Yours $35.00

Harry’s wine team will all be pitching in for this special class! We know that everyone has a different palate, and what some drinkers rave about, others may be less excited by. Each of our wine experts will attach their name to a wine that strikes a chord with them and explain why, then you get to judge for yourselves! Expect a wide range of diverse styles from around the globe! You’ll be sure to find some new favorites!

April 6th – Guest Speaker Series: Scotch, the Islands $35.00

Known for expressive, smoky, peated whiskies, Islay has a reputation that most Scotch lovers are familiar with… but how about Arran? The Isle of Skye? Join Harry’s as we discover these small distilleries, heavily affected by their oceanic environments, and learn about these hearty whiskies so reflective of local inhabitants and culture.

April 20th Guest Speaker Series: HALL Wines $35.00

In a little over a decade, HALL has risen from Napa Valley upstart to superstar, with 170 scores of 90 or more from critics to date. Vineyard owner since the 1970s, Kathryn Walt Hall began producing HALL wines after serving as U.S. Ambassador to Austria from 1997-2001. We’ll be welcoming Steve Leveque, Director of Winemaking at HALL, and exploring these prestigious, rare wines, including some of Napa’s very best Cabernet! Steve will also introduce us to HALL’s newest project, WALT Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the Pacific Coast. By the end of the evening, you’ll be in love with these gorgeous bottlings!

May 4th Italian Wine and Food Pairing with Tutto Pasta $50.00

‘Brothers Extraordinaire’ David and Andrew Tavolacci roll up their sleeves to bring us another magical food pairing class filled with their delicious creations matched with wines chosen to enliven the palate! Your host Len Gulino will guide you through these classic combinations! One of our favorite classes!

May 11th Rose Explosion! 2015 Vintage: the Best Year Ever! $35.00

Our hottest ticket each spring showcases fastest growing wine category in the country! The arrival of Rose wines from around the world, especially from this year’s highly acclaimed 2015 vintage is the highlight of springtime at Harry’s. Our first look at the bottlings from many of the world’s best Rose producing regions will help you choose what you’ll be guzzling all summer!

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