When you wanna be good, go to b.good Greenwich

3 Mar

Sometimes you just need to hit that restart button on your diet. . . especially, oh say, after a deeply gluttonous vacation in Lake Placid and Vermont jam packed with beer, bourbon, bbq, burgers, Bloody Marys and bacon. Luckily, there’s b.good a couple of miles from us, which makes it easy for us to be good after our trip . . . especially when they have delivery. BOOM!

Now, before we get into talking about the food and what’s good at b.good, we want to talk about their approach to things. They are a mini “fast food” chain that is expanding at a good pace, with another location in Fairfield, Canton, Glastonbury, and other spots. But, unlike most fast food chains out there, b.good anchors itself into its community by sourcing the highest quality produce, grains, and meats from local, responsible farms. It’s a great and refreshing approach to food that not only benefits the community, but also everyone who orders because the food is fresher and closer to its source. You can even see a map of their sources on their website and on the wall in their various locations. And, everything is prepared in a healthier way, so each item (even the fries) are more healthy and lower in calories. What’s not to love about that?

Well, let’s take you through some dishes we had the first time we tried their delivery:


West Side Burger is perfect for an early morning start.

West Side Burger: Turkey patty (you pick beef, turkey, or chicken), avocado, cilantro, fresh salsa, chipotle puree, and lime.

This burger had a nice char grill taste to it and was plenty juicy inside which isn’t easy with turkey burgers. The guac was bright, zesty, creamy, and had a fun cilantro kick. The bacon that we added gave a smokiness to the dish and the egg added even more creaminess and was killer good when it ran out onto the burger. The bun is whole grain, so you won’t get that doughy roll kind of taste and texture you might be used to on a burger, but the health benefits make it worth it.


Bringing the boom, in bowl form.

Spicy Avocado & Lime Bowl: organic quinoa, kale, sautéed veggies, avocado, black beans, corn, grape tomato, queso fresco, lime, cilantro, chipotle puree, red pepper vinaigrette.

This was a surprisingly big and filling dish. The thing that we really liked was how fresh the veggies were and the spice coming from the red pepper vinaigrette. Add on top of that a nice variety of textures and a whole lot of fun flavors to balance each other, like rich cheese, sweet corn, and acidic tomatoes. The green beans brought a crunch and the kale added a slightly bitter bite. We had this delivered on a Sunday late morning and added an egg on top to turn it into brunch, because everything is better with an egg on it, duh.


Liquid noms . . .

3 Greens Smoothie: spinach, mint, lime, pineapple, almond milk, hemp seed.

Creamy, smooth, and mint forward, this went down super easy. So easy we even ordered it again when we visited the restaurant.

Acai Berry Smoothie: acai, blueberries, pineapple, banana, almond milk, chia, lemon.

This was a thicker consistency than the other smoothie with lots of berry flavor and a nice citrusy kick. The almond milk smoothed it out nicely so you got a sense of thick creaminess without the calories or dairy of milk/yogurt.

We definitely loved our first experience, so we decided to take our friends John and Jenn to the actual spot right in Greenwich.

As we mentioned before, as soon as you enter, you see a giant wall filled up with a map of the Northeast with the farms where all of their meat, grains, and veggies come from. To the left they have some hydroponic greens growing and the most amazing selection of sodas and seltzers. Yes, yes, bubbles! But, the cool thing is that the sodas are all natural with flavors like Peach Rosemary, Roasted Ginger, Carrot, Orange Cream, Watermelon Strawberry, and Lemon Lime Seltzer. Our favorites were the Peach Rosemary and Watermelon Strawberry, though. We’d definitely recommend you buy a cup and just sample ’em up while you’re there. You can even mix ’em up to create your own concoctions.

This time around, we tried some new dishes and went with one of our faves, wondering if everything would remain consistently good. Kristien had the West Side burger this time around, and while the flavors were as good as last time, the turkey burger was dry.

Dan decided to go with the seasonal special burger: The Joanie. It’s made with avocado, sriracha, and a homemade spicy slaw. Oh, and Dan added bacon because it was just a bit too healthy for him. He ordered the burger medium rare, but got it medium. Even still, it was juicy and had plenty of flavor. The slaw had a nice punch to it, but wasn’t too spicy. A great burger, great choice.

On the side we got their Sweet Potato Fries. They cut ’em by hand then finish them off in the oven. This not only helps to get them crispy, but also keep those added calories away. In terms of flavor, they were right on target with a nice contrast of chewy inside with a crispy outside.

Final Thoughts

So, all in, we feel like b.good is a good “fast food” option, not only if you’re looking to eat some of your typical fast food favorites without the guilt, but also if you’re looking for some not-so-typical fast food dishes like their quinoa bowls. And, hey, if you feel like being a little naughty, they even have milkshakes. More than that, though, is the heart they show by sourcing responsibly and locally. While the food will not blow you away, it is solid and all the other benefits we just mentioned outweigh any inconsistencies or issues in our minds.

b.good Greenwich

Noms: 3

Cost: $$

Address: 342 Greenwich Avenue

               Greenwich, CT

Phone: (203) 489-3255

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