Have a girls pint out with Black Hog Brewing at Fleishers Craft Kitchen Westport

8 Mar

Ok, so as you’ve probably noticed, we write our blog posts pretty ambiguously so you never really know if it’s Kristien or Dan writing it. It’s not that we’re not trying to trick you or anything, it’s just that it allows us to be more fluid in who’s writing what and when, finishing each other’s posts, etc. But for this post, we’re breaking all the rules . . . and in case you were wondering who the rule breaker is in this relationship, well, it’s usually me, Kristien!

Why am I so adamant about breaking the rules for this one post? Because I’m sick and tired of the stereotype that killer craft beers are for men and ladies only like the lighter, easier drinking stuff. EFF that, this girl is Double IPA all the way! Give me some 120 Minute, Heady Topper, or Haze any day! It’s about damn time the craft beer industry not only recognizes their loyal female fans, but maybe even plans some marketing efforts targeted TO them instead of just men. (Can’t help it, that’s the marketer in me speaking–damn day job.)

Black Hog Brewing in Oxford, CT

Liquid Noms

So, you can imagine how much my face lit up when we received an email from Fleishers Craft Kitchen inviting me to their Girl’s Pint Out dinner with Black Hog Brewery on Sunday, March 13! Can I get a big EFF yeah for the Girls Pint Out, the organization of craft beer loving women that arranged this, Black Hog, Brewing, and for Fleishers Craft Kitchen for hosting this kickass event in our area! THANK YOU for showin’ some love to us craft beer lovin’ ladies! Oh, and for acknowledging the fact that we, too, like to stuff our face with some big ‘ole juicy burgers and full-on fatty french fries. Hell, we might even get real crazy and burp afterwards too! Blasphemy, I know. Ok, so here are the details:

Where: Fleishers Craft Kitchen in Westport

When: Sunday, March 13 from 3PM – 5PM

Who: Not to be sexist to you men (us ladies love ya), but it’s ladies only

What:  You get a choice of burger (from the menu below) with fries or dressed greens (psh, get the damn fries girl) and four 10 oz pours of local craft beer from Black Hog Brewing

Burger Options:

CLASSIC classic burger blend, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheddar
‘MERICAN double patty classic burger blend, American cheese, special sauce, lettuce, red onion
BACON, EGG & CHEESEBURGER beef & bacon burger blend, bacon, fried egg, cheddar, English muffin
LAMBURGER spicy mayo, greens, cucumber, red onion, mint yogurt
BUTCHER dry-aged beef blend, IPA cheddar sauce, bacon jam, mustard greens, onion ring

How: You can buy tickets for $40 a pop here. Tickets on sale until Wednesday, 3/9.

Sadly, I won’t be able to make it to this event because I will be at the Ranger’s game (yeah, this girl likes hockey too . . . a LOT), but you should most definitely go to show Connecticut what real craft beer drinkers look like. Oh yeah, and P.S. I’m also the one with the bigger potty mouth in case you didn’t notice (though I admit I was the one that laid down the minimal swearing rule for our blog so we didn’t scare you all away, ha ha).

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