Fairfield County’s Giving Day 2016: How to Help Your Favorite Non-profit on 3/10

9 Mar

24 hours to give where you live begins tomorrow with Fairfield County’s Giving Day at 12:00:01 in the morning! It’s your chance to help out a local organization or two that you really care about . . . and give them shots at raising even more money through special prizes and awards throughout the day of March 10. Prizes include (full details here):

Grand Prize for most unique donors with $20k for 1st and $12.5k for 2nd.

Most Dollars Raised with $20k for 1st and $12.5k for 2nd.

Power Hours: most unique donors from 6-7 am, 9-10, 12-1, and 3-4

                           most money raised from 7-8 pm and 10-11:59

Top of the Morning $5k prize for most money raised by 6 am. 

Whole Foods Market “Get Up and Give” Launch Prizes for the first 20 nonprofits to receive 25 unique donors of $25 or more in the form of a $1k reward!

Non-profits throughout Fairfield County include Advocacy, Animal Related, Arts & Culture, Education, Employment, Environment, Housing & Shelter, Human Services, Mental Health & Crisis Intervention, Volunteerism, Women and Girls, Youth Development, and Other. For a full list, visit the Fairfield County’s Giving Day site and click on the category that you are interested in helping out or do a search near the bottom of the page.


Ways to Help Promote

  • “Like” @FCCFoundation on Facebook and Twitter. Share our content about Giving Day. Spread the word!
  • Tweet, post and share your story! Use the hashtag #FairfieldCountyGives to tell us why you are excited to take part in Fairfield County’s Giving Day.
  • Remember to donate, again and again, on March 10 to causes you care about.
  • Invite your friends and family to give too!


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