Community Plates Looking for Food Runners; One Night Only Fundraiser at The Spread

15 Mar

Community Plates, a non-profit run by volunteers, is looking for more food runners to help them accomplish their food rescue mission. And, with more places than ever that are sharing their food for pickup, it’s more vital than ever to join the able corp of food runners. There are over 300 food runners in Fairfield County alone, but they are hoping to add at least 50 by the end of this month. With your help you can boost these numbers even more: 8 million meals saved, equal to 12 million pounds! New members who are doing their runs can post a pic using #bgooddoesgood and b.good will give you a free meal in return. 

If you’re unfamiliar how CP works, it’s pretty easy:

• You sign up as a volunteer.

• When you are registered, you go onto their site to find either a food pick-up or bins pick-up.

• You arrive, load your car up with the bins or food, then deliver it to either a local pantry, shelter, or community partner member such as Fairway or b.good.

• Repeat on a regular basis.

In addition to joining the food run crew, you can also help the mission of Community Plates by dining out at The Spread in SoNo. Just stop by for dinner on April 4 and order Chef Carlos Baez’s Chicken Mole dish and a donation will be made in your name to CP! That Chicken Mole dish is the one that almost took down Bobby Flay in a recent episode of Beat Bobby Flay. 

In addition, Paradise Hills Vineyard of Wallingford will be there with their wine for sale. Sales, also, will go directly to Community Plates, so drink up! Ken Tuccio of The Welcome to Connecticut Podcast will also be on hand, recording a special episode. 

There is limited seating, so make sure to get your table reserved by visiting here

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