Robin Selden: Chef of the Year @ The CATIE Awards

18 Mar

Congrats, Chef!

We have worked with Marcia Selden Catering on many things over the year such as sharing recipes and coordinating a cookie competition. Throughout those times, we’ve had the chance to work with Executive Chef Robin Selden and it’s been a blast: especially when we ate all of those cookies together. ;)

Well, hot damn, she just received an incredible honor by winning Chef of the Year at The CATIE (Catering Arts Through Innovated Excellence) Awards. This annual event is put together by The International Caterers Association and is held in Vegas. But, winning for Marcia Selden Catering isn’t anything new. They recently were inducted into the CT Restaurant Associatian’s Hall of Fame and was placed into’s Weddings Hall of Fame. Oh, and, yeah, they scored Best Caterer in the Best of the Gold Coast awards from Moffly Media.

Congratulations to Robin for her hard work, skill, creativity, and devotion to the art form of being a chef. To learn more about Marcia Selden Catering or their new office and venue in NYC, click here


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