Founders KBS Release Party @ Harry’s . . . a day early!

28 Mar

Want that 4 pack? Head to Harry’s!

Beer geeks across the nation have already made their plans to scope out their KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) 2016 spots. And, if someone hasn’t by now, no worries: Harry’s in Fairfield has ya covered. In fact, they have you more than covered, giving you a shot at Founders KBS a day earlier than you can find it elsewhere in CT on April 1 (no, this ain’t no joke).

Just stop by Harry’s on 3/31 from 3-5 and take part in a tasting with Tina from Founders. She will be pouring a variety of Founders beer including KBS 2016. In addition, Renzo has dug into the vaults and will have tastings of KBS 2015 so you can compare both years. 

Founder’s KBS scores a perfect 100 on Beer Advocate, so this is definitely a beer to seek out and try . . . or drink again . . . and again . . . and again.


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