We’re Hotsy for Breakfast Sammies @ Garden Catering = Damn Good Breakfast

29 Mar

It only took us a week after Garden Catering on Hamilton Avenue in Greenwich reopened to get down there for breakfast. Yes, we know they are the home of nuggets, but we are breakfast sandwich fiends (or sammies as we like to call them). In fact, if you had asked us if we’d rather give up our beloved sammies or lunch, we’d say sayonara mid-day meal . . . no one needs you when you can have eggs, bacon, chili, cheese, and in the middle of a big ‘ole doughy roll.

Because we wanted to pick up the sammies nice and hot, we ordered ahead on their website.  The thing we loved about ordering on the site was that we could fully customize them, from the toppings we wanted, to the size and amount of toppings, even to your preferred egg preparation.



Look at that beauty . . .

Kristien got the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on a roll (you can also wedge it up) and customized it by adding in some of their Hotsy’s chili, hot sauce, and an over easy egg. The egg was perfectly cooked and oozed all out with a big bite. We also like their style because they didn’t cut the sandwich—they realized that would ruin that coveted ooey gooey moment of biting into an over easy egg . The rich and flavorful chili and the hot sauce were both great, but she would have liked a little more heat coming through. And, pulling it all together was crispy and crunchy bacon. Will definitely order again!



After eating this one, you’ll need to roll over and sleep a bit . . .

Dan went all out and got the Jalapeno Hotsy roll that comes with American cheese, bacon, chili, homefries, smashed jalapeno mac & cheese bites, and an over-medium egg. After tasting how good it was, he kinda wished that he had ordered the wedge. ;) You’d think all of these things together might be too much but oh no . . . so good together. The cheese was all melty and gooey and only enhanced the mac & cheese bites. Add the crispiness of the bacon and the rich meatiness of the chili, and this was just a fantastic sandwich.

We both agreed that next time we’d beef up (pun intended) the chili content of both sandwiches, but we’d keep all the other ratios the same. If you’ve never been for breakfast, definitely stop by and check them out . . . and be sure to get your rewards card. It’s free and you can rack up some serious rewards that get you a ton of free goodies and deals.

Garden Catering

Address:  177 Hamilton Ave.

                   Greenwich, CT

Phone: (203) 422-2555

4 Responses to “We’re Hotsy for Breakfast Sammies @ Garden Catering = Damn Good Breakfast”

  1. CT EXCLUSIVE HOMES April 10, 2016 at 11:03 pm #

    Just looking at it makes me Hungry :-)


  2. Amy March 30, 2016 at 6:16 pm #

    I must have that jalapeno hotsy! Do you know if all the locations have this or is it exclusive to Greenwich?


    • Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro March 30, 2016 at 6:17 pm #

      Just Greenwich right now, at Hamilton Ave. There are plans to move it to other locations if popular, and it seems like it is!



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    […] If you don’t know what a Hotsy is, now’s your chance to get aquainted. It’s American cheese, homefries, eggs, and Hotsy’s Famous Chili served on a roll. Dear God, that sandwich is amazing. To read our review of Garden Catering’s breakfast sandwiches, click here.  […]

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