Veracious Brewing @ Bridgeport Bluefish Games + Kick-off Party

7 Apr

We love our Bridgeport Bluefish! We love beer! So, naturally these two loves would join together in a night of pure hoppiness. Just stop by Veracious Brewing Company in Monroe (246 Main Street) from 1-4 on April 10 and get ready for some great beer and a good time. While you’re there you can meet up with players from the team as well as their cute and mischievous mascot, B.B. the Bluefish. In addition, the hot dog cart from Harbor Yard will make a trip to Veracious to supply all your nomming needs for that day!

Even if you can’t make this great kick-off event, you’ll still have the chance to have more Veracious any time at all during the 2016 Bridgeport Bluefish season! For tickets, visit the ticket office or buy them online starting at 10 am this Saturday, April 9. There are single day tickets, season tickets, birthday package deals, and even a hot tub deal, so make sure to explore all the glorious options.

How exciting! Congrats on this big honor, Veracious!

2 Responses to “Veracious Brewing @ Bridgeport Bluefish Games + Kick-off Party”

  1. Fran at 9:37 pm #

    I didn’t realize I had a brewery so close to where I lived! I always seem to be surprised by how many breweries CT has.

    Liked by 1 person

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