KAS Krupnikas Honey Liquor Pours into CT; Jet Lag Sour Recipe from Craig Ventrice.

12 May


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This hot new liquor is bursting into the CT cocktail scene. Learn more about it and check out a recipe from one of CT’s best bartenders . . .


Here at OmNomCT, we’re always in search of new flavors and ingredients, especially when cocktails are involved. Enter in KAS Krupnikas, a handcrafted and spiced honey liquor. Take one part local raw honey, 10 spices, and citrus zest and you’ll get this 80 proof sweet sweet sunshine. This small batch liquor is made right in NY and comes from an old Lithuanian family recipe. Although it has just entered into the CT market lately, it’s making a big splash, especially at The Whelk and Kawa Ni. (Plus, it did win a tiny amount of recognition by placing in the Top 100 Spirits of the Year by Wine Enthusiast . . . nbd.) 

There at these two Westport hotspots, Beverage Manager Craig Ventrice is smitten by KAS and has become a fan. “Having tried some other honey spirits recently introduced to the market, KAS Krupnikas was the hands-down choice. The combination of its high proof, pronounced raw honey, and wide array of spices makes it a perfect modifier to pair with a wide spectrum of base spirits. After a few iterations, we decided to use KAS to add complexity and depth to the Jet Lag Sour without diluting the cocktail.” 

Craig has shared a recipe, too, that he created using KAS, so here it is kiddos:

Jet Lag Sour by Craig Ventrice 

1.5 oz bourbon

.5 oz KAS

.25 Giffard Banane du Bresil

.5 oz Averna Amaro

.25 oz Lapsong Souchong Syrup

.5 oz Lemon Juice

2 dashes Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters

1 egg white

Shake, dry shake, strain into cocktail coupe and garnish with loose leaf Lapsong Souchong Tea. 

More on KAS: 

You can find KAS Krupnikas at select bars, retailers, and online. It is being distributed by Highland Imports. If you’d like more info visit them at http://www.kasspirits.com or email them at info@kasspirits.com. Here’s additonal contact information: KAS Spirits, LLC Faye Postma, Marketing Director faye@kasspirits.com 813.362.7217 

2 Responses to “KAS Krupnikas Honey Liquor Pours into CT; Jet Lag Sour Recipe from Craig Ventrice.”

  1. Torie Gherig May 17, 2016 at 3:05 pm #

    Sounds like a great new liquor that could definitely be incorporated into a cocktail with a local bourbon!

    Liked by 1 person

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