Melt Mobile Food Truck Grills Nationwide Franchisee Options

24 May

Big news for Melt Mobile and all of their hungry fans: they are now inviting people to become franchise owners. So, whether we are talking about other big and busy cities across Connecticut or as any other city in the country, they are giving others the chance to Take it Cheesy with them. 

You might remember that Melt Mobile was one of the first food trucks to really make a splash here in Fairfield County, kicking things up to the next level culinary-wise. They also got their shot at national attention after reading our post fresh from Food Network’s reps about Bobby Flay’s new show, 3 Days to Open! That spot on TV would boost their success to even greater heights.

But, let’s not kid ourselves: their sandwiches are SICK! It’s all about the cheese with Darlene and Diana. Our favorites? The Insanewich (6 oz. Angus with bacon between 2 Originals), their Jalapeno Popper Melt (Vermont cheddar, and cream cheese  on Cheddar-crusted country bread), and The Fluffernutter with caramelized bananas, marshmallow fluff, Belgian chocolate, and peanut butter. 

So, congrats to both of them on this great opportunity for expansion. It’s been great to see Melt Mobile grow from one truck, to two, and now to this! 

To find out more about franchise opportunities, see their site

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