Welcome to a new ice cream experience @ Milkcraft, Fairfield

28 Jun

The “going out for ice cream” experience is pretty standard these days: you wait in a brief line while browsing frozen vats of available flavors, you order, you pay, and before you know it you’re licking your way to dairy heaven. But, at Milkcraft, the newly opened ice cream shop in Fairfield, the experience has completely changed . . . and for good reason.


Good things come to those who wait . . .

How so? Well, they’ve made going out for ice cream full sensory. First, all their ice cream is freshly made right on the spot. So what does that mean? Well, for one, it means the silkiest ice cream you’ve ever had in your life, but second, it also means you’re going to wait. You’re going to wait longer than you’d like to wait for ice cream–like probably 20 minutes on the quick side, 1 hour on the slow slide. But, if you just go knowing that, and keep a positive attitude about it, you can really enjoy the experience.

Second, it’s fun to pick the flavor you want from their board of amazingness . . . just look at these flavors: Smores Campfire, Strawberry Balsamic, Cookie Butter Blue (it’ll turn your mouth blue), Milk & Cereal, Miss Piggie Does Vermont, Bourbon Breakfast, and more! Then, you get to pick if you want it in a cup, a Bubble Cone (basically like a folded up Belgium Waffle) or in a donut sandwich called a Creameebun . . . yeah, that’s way better than the standard sugar or wafer cone choice you usually get, and they smell amazing too. Plus, you also get to see them mix up the ingredients and pour in the liquid Nitrogen for a super fun smokey effect.

Originally, our plan was to order a bubble cone and a donut sandwich with two different flavors, but when Chef Gonzalez at Miro (where we ate prior to this excursion) brought out a dessert platter, we knew we could only handle one. Oh #foodbloggerproblems lol



We need to go back STAT for another Bubblecone!

We HAD to go with the P B & J Roasted Banana in a Bubblecone (Kristien has a PB&J obsession, so it was only right). So yeah, that Bubblecone? Damn. Delicate and fluffy pockets of waffle, yet not so overpowering or thick to take away from the ice cream. Oh, and that ice cream. As we said, it was some of the silkiest and creamiest ice cream we can ever remember having. So creamy, in fact, that you’d swear you were taking down some super amazing gelato. No graininess, no lumps of ice, no freezer burn . . . just velvety goodness. And, in terms of flavor, it was on point. The peanut butter was strong, but not overpowering, while the jelly topping added that nice fruity, sweet kick for contrast. And, the roasted banana rounded it all out oh so nicely with a warm and buttery bite.

So, our verdict? We think this ice cream is pretty top notch. Is it worth the wait? Well, that all depends on your attitude . . . but, the again, doesn’t everything?


1215 Post Road

Fairfield, CT



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