Want some lesser-known beer knowledge to drop on friends? Join this chat on 7/30 in Norwalk.

15 Jul


Some people are so freakin’ pretty, they attract all the attention when they walk in a room. Some people have nice things, like Rolexes and Ferraris, to showoff how douchey, eeerrr, cool, they are. Then, there’s the rest of us–the rest of us good ‘ole American food eatin, craft beer drinkin’ regular folk. What do we have to impress others? A knowledge of craft beer equivalent to the knowledge Ken Jennings has about stuff that actually matters. Ha, who are we kidding, nothing matters as much as beer?! Here’s the thing though. You may *think* you already know a ton about beer, but there are lots of little known hacks, tips, tricks, stories, and trivia that we’d be willing to bet ya don’t know, which means you get to be that cool guy or chic that drops little gems of beer knowledge randomly on your friends like it’s NBD.

51tDSiapMYLThis is exactly where Ben Applebaum and Dan DiSorbo, authors of The Book of Beer Awesomeness, come in as beer loving super heroes, if you will, to school you with all this unknown knowledge. Their book is the ultimate brew-lover’s bible, offering tips on rockin’ beer games, surprising beer history facts, cool beer tricks, and hacks on how to best enjoy them, store them, and more.

Luckily for us local folks, we can get the scoop beyond the book, as Ben and Dan, in partnership with Two Roads Brewing Co., bring their knowledge to Total Wine & More in Norwalk on Saturday, July 30 at 2PM for a 1 hour live chat.

At the chat Ben and Dan will share their knowledge, and of course, there will be samples of Two Roads Beer to enjoy. And, they’ll have plenty of copies of The Book of Beer Awesomeness to pick up and have signed if you’d like. And, bonus, the first person to mention to Ben or Dan that OmNomCT sent them will receive a FREE copy

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased here ahead of time, or at the door. In return, you’ll receive all the beer awesomeness you need to impress your friends, hotties, and random strangers at your next party, oh, and free beer samples. Sounds like a good deal to us!

When: Saturday, July 30 at 2PM
Where: Total Wine & More
               380 Main Ave
               Norwalk, CT 06851
               (203) 840-0007
How: Just bring $5 per person and enjoy 


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