From Trash to Treasure: the Food Trucks at Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market

22 Jul

Considering Kristien’s obsession with all things HGTV, it’s a surprise it took us so long to get to the Elephant’s Trunk Country Flea Market. This massive market every Sunday in New Milford features antiques, rare finds, farm stands, and anything you’d need to furnish a home. Sure, you have to rummage through some trash to get to the treasures, but that’s part of the fun. In fact, there are so many food trucks at this flea market every Sunday, they sort of work the same way. They have lots of smaller carts and stands serving up hot dogs, lemonade, Italian ices, and breakfast sandwiches that could be hidden treasures, and they have some of the food trucks we’re all heard of that might not be as much of a treasure as you’d hoped. So we’re going to break down our trash and treasure food truck finds for you so you don’t have to rummage. We got your back!

As you walk in, you’ll see a few trucks ready to feed the hell outta ya. As we approached, we were excited to learn the options: Sonny’s Grinders, Ted’s Steamed Hamburgers, Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes, and a brick oven pizza truck. On a second visit this week we saw a few more trucks, including Have a Ball which we’ve been meaning to try again ever since the Fairfield County Meatball Challenge a few years ago. Here’s the breakdown of what we ate and what you need to order when you go:

Sonny’s Grinders

First up we tried the Asian grinders (banh mi) from Sonny’s. The menu was promising with a breakfast spring roll special, an original or spicy breakfast sandwich, plus chicken teriyaki, steak, chicken and portobello sandwiches to take down. Dan went with the steak teriyaki which was tender, cooked to a nice medium. The meat was top quality and its richness played well off of the light avocado sauce and the crispy and crunchy veggie slaw. The grinder buns were great too, with a crusty outside, but doughy with give and take inside. Kristien went with the hibachi shrimp which was perfectly cooked and had that same wonderful contrast with the carrots and cucumbers. We also had spring rolls which were plenty crispy on the outside with a nice, warm, center. They kicked it up with a tangy sweet and spicy sauce that really hit the spot. Verdict: This one’s a treasure.

Ted’s Steamed Cheeseburgers

Now, seeing person after person ordering those Ted’s Burgers (which we’ve always wanted to try at their Meriden spot) pushed us over the edge. We ordered a Ted’s Steamed Double Cheeseburger which included a double-sized patty with our choice of lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, crispy bacon, and ketchup. The burger was loosely packed, giving it a nice texture, and it was super juicy from being steamed with a little pink shining through. This is an excellent burger, especially being from a food truck. In terms of classic CT burgers, this makes Louis Lunch look like a flabby McDonald’s burger on the value meal. Verdict: A juicy, juicy treasure!

Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes

While this certainly isn’t our first time eating the hell out of Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes, this was the first time we had two special flavors. The first was the Mounds which had incredibly fluffy and moist Devil’s food cake. The coconut on top added a nice toasty punch from the shreds, while the frosting was so silky, buttery, and just amazing. We also really enjoyed the Margarita cupcake which we ate later (hey, we even have our limits). The lime frosting had a slightly tangy bite to it which was refreshing, but the part we loved the most was the margarita filling that was not only on top, but was also injected into the middle (the Mounds had this too). Verdict: ALWAYS a treasure.

Have a Ball

On our second visit this past weekend we saw Have a Ball, and were geeked out. We ordered The Pink Lady which came with a beautiful pink vodka sauce that had a creamy, rich, flavorful, and slightly tangy sauce. The ball itself was massive, taking up an entire bowl . . . but as big as it was, we wish there was more. This bad boy had a crispy outside, but it was super sticky and airy on the inside. It’s always tough to find the right balance because many arancini end up becoming dense balls of rice that have just been smooshed together. This, however, was perfection in a ball! Verdict: A quadruple treasure.

Mexacli Blues (not to be confused with the AWESOME Mexicali truck at Long Wharf)



Pulled pork on the left, chorizo on the right . . .

We found this little taco cart in the back of the market and decided to check it out for a lighter kinda fare to finish off the day. Kristien ordered the lobster taco that was perfectly cooked, but was overall bland and in need of flavor. Dan ordered a chorizo taco which had a nice spice and kick, but the chorizo was a bit too chewy. He also ordered the pulled pork taco which was the best of the three. It featured a big chunk of delicate and rich pork belly. Juices oozed out in warm Mexican spices with each bite. Verdict: Unfortunately, we’ll call this one trash mixed in with a little treasure.

As you can see, most of our food finds were pure treasure, so get out there’d find your treasures after a long day of bargaining and antique-hunting (and trying to cram a bunch of breakable crap in your car . . . fun times, fuuuuun times. ;)

3 Responses to “From Trash to Treasure: the Food Trucks at Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market”

  1. kelleysdiy March 27, 2017 at 1:32 pm #

    Wow! So much neat treasures!


  2. Jess July 22, 2016 at 9:26 am #

    My friends and I went last Sunday but it was my first time. There were so many trucks! We had great lemonade and an egg sandwich on delicious bread. There were also veggies available to purchase from a farm stand vendor. I want to try that BBQ truck the one that says “I’ll have what he’s smokin'” – LOL!


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