Crazy Good Comfort Food @ New Magee’s Curbside Mobile Food Truck

4 Oct



You need some of this in your life . . . and face. All of it in your face.


Comfort food, you’ve met your match. Well, technically, you’ve met your match when Magee’s Curbside opened up at 72 Magee Avenue. We recently had a chance to go and check them out and came out impressed after a brunch that featured some great dishes.

So, imagine how excited (and torn we were) when we stopped by Indeed Stamford today and saw The Brunch Box, Hapa Food Truck, and Magee’s Curbside’s new (two weeks new) truck! Priorities of  just getting Hapa changed (we still got Hapa too, don’t worry) because, well, what kind of bloggers would we be if we didn’t try out the new truck? Right? Right.



Indeed Stamford (177 Broad) is a hotbed of food truck activity if you’re ever in need of a fix.

Well, we ordered the Curbside Totchos, the same dish that Kristien got when we visited their brick & mortar shop. It’s a dish that features tots, braised rib chili, tomato, scallions, sunny side egg, and topped with a sriracha sauce. The tater tots came out with a crispy crust and were delicate inside. The meat was tender and added a nice richness. Basically, this was a damn fine lunch . . . and extra points for replicating the dish perfectly from what we had at the restaurant. That’s the mark of a great food truck.


But, if that’s not your thing, they have plenty of other dishes from their A.M. Eats section including 7 AM Fries, The Incredible Hulk (outfitted with green waffles), The Honey Dripper and more.  They’re also mixing up two separate salads and have 11 different items to nosh on from their PM Eats menu. Check out dishes like The #1 Pick sandwich that includes BOTH short rib and pork belly, El Cubano, Sloppy Giuseppe, and the Cali Cutlet ft. a crispy chicken cutlet, avocado, bacon, tomato, fresh mooz, and roasted red pepper mayo.

Check ’em out and let us know what you think.

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