Riko’s Pizza Opens New Hope Street Spot . . . with a Bar!

10 Oct

Stamford is no stranger to pizza joints, especially when you count ’em up on Hope Street. Misto, Vinny’s Backyard, Amore, Springdale Pizza, Hope Pizza, Pappas, Papa John’s (gag), and even (double gag) Domino’s. But now there’s another place for Stamfordites and Springdalers to go: Riko’s Pizza. Their new restaurant is loacted at 886 Hope Street and is right next to Bank of America and is directly across from the Springdale train station. Park on the road (bring quarters) or in their newly paved lot to the left of the restaurant. Their newest spot is replacing their 581 Newfield Avenue location.

Not only is this a more central location for them, but a big reason for them to move is that they have plenty of room now for not just pizza. Yup, the new Riko’s has a large bar area and a dozen or so tables for people to sit at. You can still order takeout if you’d like and they’ve already started delivery, so those are two nice options if you’re pressed for time or just want to eat at home.


Plenty of seats at the bar, plus three screens when you need to catch that game.

As for the menu, they are still serving up their popular thin crust pies, wings, and have a nice selection of salads. In terms of drinks, there are some good and affordable options available. First up, they have 7 wines that you can order by the glass ($7-9) and 14 bottles from $25-$55. If it’s beer you’re after, they have 8 brews on tap and 20 bottles. The good thing is that it’s not all domestic and big beer kinda stuff . . . there’s some craft choices like local Half Full, Founder’s, Ithica, and New Belgium. Also, if you want, there is liquor. We did ask for a cocktail list, but they didn’t have one at that point. So, if you want your basic cocktails or just shots, you’re in good shape. We’d hope to see them offer up some mixed drinks, but we’ll have to wait and see where they head.


Nice crispy crust and a great sauce/cheese ratio. 

Overall, we were excited to see how busy and packed Riko’s was on their first day in business. There was an air of excitement and it was clear that the neighborrs were already checking out the new restaurant. We know that we didn’t have the best experience with Riko’s years ago when we ordered delivery, but we did have some great pies two years back at Half Full and crushed this Hawaiian pie today. Service was very helpful and friendly, too, so that’s great to see.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Riko’s! No doubt we’ll be back soon for some more thin crust action.

5 Responses to “Riko’s Pizza Opens New Hope Street Spot . . . with a Bar!”

  1. flyingcircus October 10, 2016 at 10:07 pm #

    It is Ithaca Beer Company, not Ithica Brewing


  2. Jeff P October 10, 2016 at 3:56 pm #

    What does the least expensive glass of wine cost 😀

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