Om nom, from the Greek for cuisine noise. An onomatopoeia if you will. Or simply put, the noise we make when we’re chomping on something yummy!

Follow us as we explore lower Fairfield County, Connecticut, from restaurants of all types, to grocery stores, to farmers markets.  Never pretentious, sometimes contentious, always honest.

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Our food blog rating system goes like this:

Establishments are scored on a scale of 1-5 noms.

  • 1 nom = AWFUL. If you eat here you are banned from our blog.
  • 2 noms = Ok, but eat at your own risk.
  • 3 noms = Good and reliable, like a Snuggie.
  • 4 noms = Excellent, eat here often because it rules!
  • 5 noms = BEST EVER, doesn’t get any better than this baby!!

Establishments are also rated from $ – $$$$ based on price.

  • $ = You could probably scrounge up enough money in your couch for this.
  • $$ = Average, you could’ve eaten here in your college days.
  • $$$ = Getting a little pricey, but manageable if it’s the first or fifteenth.
  • $$$$ = Start saving up now, for next year.

Questions, comments, special requests?  E-mail us at omnomct@gmail.com!

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