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Chefs, Restaurants, Farms to Rally in Hartford for GMO Labeling

19 Apr
GMO? Genetically Modified Organism


     Mankind has had an incredible journey.  We started as hunters and gatherers, living along rivers and bodies of water.  Then, we became nomads as our skills grew, and then we became more comfortable with Earth and farming.  And, now, look at us!  We’ve found ways to create our own versions of food (and animals, too) by altering genetic material.  While many are excited about this progress and what it might mean in helping solve world hunger issues, many aren’t so sure.  In fact, people are concerned about the potential safety issues of the untested GMO food.  Could these foods cause cancer in people or cause other horrible adverse affects?

     There just isn’t enough proof yet and there’s so much “up in the air” because it’s a relatively new technology, but that’s not stopping concerned Nutmeggers from voicing their concerns.  A group of chefs, farmers, restaurateurs, and activists will be outside of the Hartford capitol building on 5/8 at 10 am to share how GMO foods should be labeled.  They believe (and so do we) that we have the right to know what’s in our food.  Many of the chefs, farmers, and restaurateurs will be providing tastings of their food to stir up activity and to bring the issue straight to Hartford.  Participants are hoping to engage legislators and other officials in an open dialogue revolving around everybody’s favorite thing:  food.
     If you are a restaurant owner, a chef, or are in the restaurant business and support the labeling of GMOs, you can contact Tara Cook-Littman by e-mailing her at  She’d love to have you on board with a tasting or providing samples of your food on May 8 in Hartford.  Personally, we know many chefs and owners in Fairfield County who feel very strongly about this and we’d love to see them help represent us.
     Thank you to Rosemary Morretta for sharing this with us.  Rosemary is the person behind GoingGreenie on Twitter (we’re buds on there) and she’s also a board member of the Northeast Organic Farmers Association in Connecticut.

Save Some Serious Dough with

28 Mar

Our obsession with (not started years ago when we’d shell out $5 and get a $50 pass to restaurants.  The amount of money we saved was awesome and we continue to check this site when we want to save some major dinero.  We use it for local restaurants and especially when we’re on vacation and want to find a quick, inexpensive meal.

Chef's Special Roll, Crispy Melt Goat Cheese Roll, and Crunchy Wasabi Tuna Roll

Chef’s Special Roll, Crispy Melt Goat Cheese Roll, and Crunchy Wasabi Tuna Roll at Bambou in Greenwich

It works pretty easily:  enter the city and state where you want a certificate then select the restaurant.  The most common option that you’ll see is pay $10 for a $25 certificate, but sometimes there will be bigger incentives like $20 for $50, $30 for $75, or even $40 for $100.  Before you purchase your certificate, just make sure that there aren’t any terms of the agreement that won’t work for you such as, “Only includes lunch,” or “No dinner on Saturday.”  Also, pay close attention to the fine print because some have an order minimum or some include a tip into the amount of the bill automatically.

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Hold Your Table and Get Some Cash Back with OpenTable

27 Mar

One of the first things we do when we’re looking for a restaurant to hit up is check to see if it’s on OpenTable.  In just a few clicks you can see lots of restaurants in your area that are taking reservations.  From there, you can click on a restaurant, enter in your party size and time, then you’re on your way to booking your table.  You could even play restaurant roulette and enter a party size, date, and time and see which restaurants in the area have tables nearby.

Dino Poutine is killer, unique to Dinosaur Stamford

Dino Poutine is killer, unique to Dinosaur Stamford

Recently, we used OpenTable to get ourselves some nice seats at Bar Sugo in Norwalk and Dinosaur Bar-b-que in Stamford.  Plus, we can’t tell you how easy this site makes vacation planning.  And, wouldn’t you know it, Dan’s Prius has OpenTable built into it?

When you show up for the reservation, make sure you give your name and they check you in before you find your seat.  At most restaurants you’ll earn 100 points for each time you show up and dine out.  There are even some restaurants on the site that will earn you 1,000 points for honoring your reservation.  When you reach 2,000 points you’ll be sent a $20 gift certificate usable at any OpenTable restaurant.

Here are just some of the OpenTable restaurants that you could hit up in just Connecticut:

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Meals and Deals at Statewide Connecticut Restaurant Week, 2012: 10/8-10/14

20 Sep

Last year we told you about Connecticut Restaurant Week.  The holiest of holiest restaurant weeks.  The restaurant week that covers the entire state…yeah, that big.  Well, it’s back from October 8 to October 14!  There are over 97 restaurants involved this year and they all have something different for you.  They might have a coursed prix-fixe dinner for $20.12, two for one deals, a certain percent off your check, or even offer specially priced bottles of wine.  We have the updated restaurants with menus, but be sure to check back here and to follow the Connecticut Restaurant Association on Twitter and Facebook for updates, too.

Participating Restaurants:

@ the Corner, Litchfield, CT
RW Menu
23 Sports Café, Mohegan Sun Casino, CT RW Menu
1249 Wine Bar, Waterbury, CT RW Menu
Abigail’s Grille and Wine Bar, Simsbury, CT RW Menu
Agave Grill, Hartford, CT RW Menu
Anthony Jack’s Wood Fired Grill, Southington, CT RW Menu
Apollo Restaurant, Simsbury, CT
RW Menu
Aspen Restaurant & Bar, Old Saybrook, CT RW Menu
Aunt Chilada’s, Hamden, CT RW Menu
BACKSTAGE Torrington, Torrington, CT
RW Menu
Besito Mexican Restaurant, West Hartford, CT RW Menu
Black Eyed Sally’s, Hartford, CT
RW Menu
Blackrock Tavern, Thomaston, CT
RW Menu
Black Rose Tavern, Newington, CT RW Menu
Restaurant Bricco, West Hartford, CT RW Menu
Bricco Trattoria, Glastonbury, CT RW Menu
Boom Restaurant, Westbrook, CT RW Menu
Buffalo Wild Wings, Manchester, CT
RW Menu
Buffalo Wild Wings, Windsor, CT RW Menu
Burtons Grill, South Windsor, CT RW Menu
Captain Daniel  Packer Inn, Mystic, CT RW Menu
Carbone’s Ristorante, Hartford, CT RW Menu
Carmen Anthony Steakhouse, New Haven, CT RW Menu
Carmen Anthony Steakhouse, Waterbury, CT RW Menu
Carmen Anthony Fishhouse, Avon, CT RW Menu
Carmen Anthony Fishouse, Wethersfield, CT RW Menu
Cavey’s Restaurant, Manchester, CT RW Menu
City Steam Brewery Cafe, Hartford, CT RW Menu
Confetti’s Restaurant, Plainville, CT RW Menu
Consiglio’s, New Haven, CT RW Menu
Costa del Sol, Hartford, CT
RW Menu
Cove Clam Shack & Cafe, Mystic, CT RW Menu
Dish Bar and Grill, Hartford, CT RW Menu
Esca Restaurant & Wine Bar, Middletown, CT RW Menu
Feng Asian Bistro, Canton, CT RW Menu
Feng Asian Bistro, Hartford, CT RW Menu
First & Last Tavern, Hartford, CT
RW Menu
Flanders Fish Market, East Lyme, CT RW Menu
Gayle’s Depot Square Farm Shoppe, Watertown, CT RW Menu
Ginza Japanese Cuisine, Bloomfield, CT RW Menu
Ginza Japanese Cuisine, Wethersfield, CT RW Menu
Grant’s Restaurant & Bar, West Hartford, CT RW Menu
Hidden Valley Eatery, Washington, CT RW Menu
Hot Tomato’s, Hartford, CT
RW Menu
Joey Garlic’s, Farmington, CT RW Menu
Joey Garlic’s, Newington, CT RW Menu
Joey’s Pizza Pie, West Hartford, CT RW Menu
J. Timothy’s, Plainville, CT RW Menu
La Vita Italian American Trattoria, East Haddam, CT RW Menu
Mapletree Cafe, Simsbury, CT
RW Menu
Mattabasett Canoe Club, Middletown, CT
RW Menu
Max a Mia, Avon, CT RW Menu
Max Amore, Glastonbury, CT RW Menu
Max Burger, West Hartford, CT RW Menu
Max Downtown, Hartford, CT RW Menu
Max Fish, Glastonbury, CT RW Menu
Max Oyster Bar, West Hartford, CT RW Menu
Michael Jordan’s Steak House, Mohegan Sun Casino, CT RW Menu
Mill on the River, South Windsor, CT RW Menu
O’Porto Restaurant, Hartford, CT RW Menu
Nino’s Trattoria, Waterbury, CT RW Menu
Nutshell Cafe, Hartford, CT RW Menu
Peppercorn’s Grill, Hartford, CT RW Menu
Patrizia’s of Stamford, Stamford, CT RW Menu
Piatti Ristorante & Bar, Glastonbury, CT RW Menu
Playwright Irish Pub & Restaurant, Hamden, CT RW Menu
Rein’s N.Y. Style Deli, Vernon, CT RW Menu
Rizzuto’s Wood-fired Kitchen & Bar, West Hartford, CT
RW Menu
Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Newington, CT RW Menu
Sadler’s Restaurant, Marlborough, CT RW Menu
Sage American Restaurant, New Haven, CT RW Menu
San Marino’s Ristorante, Waterbury, CT RW Menu
SBC Restaurant & Brewery, Branford, CT RW Menu
SBC Restaurant & Brewery, Hamden, CT RW Menu
SBC Restaurant & Brewery, Milford, CT RW Menu
SBC Restaurant & Brewery, Southport, CT RW Menu
SBC Restaurant & Brewery, Stamford, CT RW Menu
The Sitting Duck, Stratford, CT RW Menu
SolToro Tequila Grill, Mohegan Sun Casino, CT RW Menu
TD Homer’s, Southington, CT RW Menu
TGIFriday’s, Hamden, CT RW Menu
TGIFriday’s, Manchester, CT RW Menu
TGIFriday’s, Newington, CT RW Menu
TGIFriday’s, Orange, CT RW Menu
Trumbull Kitchen, Hartford, CT RW Menu
Tuscan Oven, Norwalk, CT RW Menu
USS Chowder Pot III, Branford, CT RW Menu
USS Chowder Pot IV, Hartford, CT RW Menu
Village Restaurant, Litchfield, CT RW Menu
Willimantic Brewing Company, Willimantic, CT RW Menu
Wood-n-Tap, Hartford, CT RW Menu
Wood-n-Tap, Farmington, CT RW Menu
Wood-n-Tap, Orange, CT RW Menu
Wood-n-Tap, Rocky Hill, CT RW Menu
Wood-n-Tap, Southington, CT RW Menu
Wood-n-Tap, Vernon, CT RW Menu
Zini’s Restaurant, Bantam, CT
RW Menu

Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert Heading to Hartford for Good Vs. Evil Tour *Presale Code Inside*

15 Aug

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Anthony Bourdain is one of the most recognized names in the culinary world.  He certainly isn’t shy nor is he afraid to speak his mind.  Whether it’s his views on Paula Deen’s diabetes, The James Beard Awards, Rachael Ray, Sandra Lee, Guy Fieri, or Rocco DiSpirito, his words certainly pack a punch.   Case in point, this barb about Sandra Lee’s show Semi-Homemade:

“All you have to do is waddle into the kitchen, open a can of crap and spread it on some other crap that you bought at the supermarket. And then you’ve done something really special.”

He isn’t all insults, though.  His Anthony Bourdain:  No Reservations and The Layover are two shows that people love and constantly talk about.  Plus, he’s a well established writer with Kitchen Confidential, Medium Raw, and even his new graphic novel called Get Jiro!  And, if you haven’t had enough of him, check him out in 2013 as he hosts Bourdain:  The Taste on ABC (a cooking competition) and a “docu-series” for CNN.  But, let’s be honest, it’s not always about Anthony Bourdain. Continue reading

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