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SBC and Garden Catering Raising $ for Local Muscular Dystrophy Camp and ALS Research

18 Apr

Southport Help Line Beers 2013

Southport Brewing Company

Last year we told you about something special that Southport Brewing Company does.  They have a special “Help Line” that you can ask for.  You’ll get to pick any of their house brews, but just for asking for the “Help Line” you’ll be donating .50 to a charity that they have chosen.

The two charities that they are currently collecting for (.25 per beer goes to each charity) goes until the end of June and are near and dear to us.  The first charity is ALS TDI who is working hard to wipe out ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  According to their site, “Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that leads to paralysis, due to the death of motor neurons in the spinal cord and brain. There is no known cure for the disease…the average patient survives only 2-5 years following diagnosis.”  The second charity is Camp Promise East who hosts a summer camp each year for people of all ages with muscular dystrophy.  The collection of funds for both charities is going on now until the end of June, so if you’re having some SBC brews, remember to ask for the “Help Line.”  You’ll be helping out big time.

Garden Catering

And also Garden Catering of Old Greenwich is helping raise money again, too.  They’ll be donating a portion of their sales to the same two charities on May 22 from 2 to 7 pm.  They’ll be donating 10% of all in-store sales and will donate 20% of all gift card sales.  You know what that means?  Yup!  Plenty of birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Groundhogs Day, and any other holiday where you get presents for the people you love.  Or, maybe you’ll just hoard them for yourself to make that next trip to Garden Catering a bit easier?

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Delivery Made Easy with Rewards: Seamless and

29 Mar

One of the most frustrating things about ordering delivery  over the phone (#ConnecticutProblems) is repeating yourself 30 times, or being put on hold, or being transferred to 10 different people.  Yeah, it’s seriously annoying and it’s a big waste of time, especially when there are other important things to do like watch TV, surf the net, watch the kids, or just be lazy.

Plate of bbq, snacks, and fixins at at BarQ B.B.Q. in Stamford, Connecticut

Plate of bbq, snacks, and fixins at at BarQ B.B.Q. in Stamford, Connecticut

But, two websites are making delivery (or pick up) just a bit easier and giving you some great things in return.  All around, we use Seamless more often because they have a better variety of restaurants for delivery by us, but is still a good option.  Let’s look at Seamless first.

Seamless has a very easy to use interface where you can save restaurants into your favorites and even just order a previous meal with just a few clicks.  You’ll often see restaurants that have deals like 10% or 20% of orders!  Be aware that some restaurants charge a small fee for delivery, but it’s not a fee from Seamless.  Also, Seamless will send out emails time to time with special discount codes that you can enter before your finalize your purchase.  Our favorite part:  add the tip right in and when your food arrives, the delivery person will hand it to you, thank you, then leave.  That’s more time for your to spend gorging yourself.  Right now they are in the Greenwich, Stamford, and Westport areas, but are expanding.

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Hold Your Table and Get Some Cash Back with OpenTable

27 Mar

One of the first things we do when we’re looking for a restaurant to hit up is check to see if it’s on OpenTable.  In just a few clicks you can see lots of restaurants in your area that are taking reservations.  From there, you can click on a restaurant, enter in your party size and time, then you’re on your way to booking your table.  You could even play restaurant roulette and enter a party size, date, and time and see which restaurants in the area have tables nearby.

Dino Poutine is killer, unique to Dinosaur Stamford

Dino Poutine is killer, unique to Dinosaur Stamford

Recently, we used OpenTable to get ourselves some nice seats at Bar Sugo in Norwalk and Dinosaur Bar-b-que in Stamford.  Plus, we can’t tell you how easy this site makes vacation planning.  And, wouldn’t you know it, Dan’s Prius has OpenTable built into it?

When you show up for the reservation, make sure you give your name and they check you in before you find your seat.  At most restaurants you’ll earn 100 points for each time you show up and dine out.  There are even some restaurants on the site that will earn you 1,000 points for honoring your reservation.  When you reach 2,000 points you’ll be sent a $20 gift certificate usable at any OpenTable restaurant.

Here are just some of the OpenTable restaurants that you could hit up in just Connecticut:

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Are You and the Fam Party Masters? Wanna Show off, Be on TV, and Win Some Big $? Casting Call!

4 Mar
Just some of the reality show clients from Twin Talents

Just some of the reality show clients from Twin Talents


There’s another new TV show for a major network (we can’t say which) that is casting here in the Greater Stamford/Connecticut are and it’s called “Party Masters.”  While this might not be the final name of the show, the spirit of the show fits in well with the name.  They are looking for families that love to throw parties.  The winning family will be pitted against another winning family to see who can throw the most awesome party in the world!  To beef it up and add some incentive, they are giving each family $50,000 so they can really throw a party to remember.  You might be a great family to enter if:

1) You throw parties that somehow end up on YouTube and become viral hits.

2) You throw wild surprise parties that last all night or for days.

3) You go hog wild at your backyard bbqs and they become legen…wait for it…dary.

4) Your theme nights are so intricate and involved that people forget that they aren’t in the Roaring 20’s or that they really aren’t mobsters.

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8 Awesome Local Restaurants Participate in Winter Chef Series at Klaff’s of Danbury + Norwalk

24 Jan
Klaff's Winter Chef Series
February usually gets the short end of the stick.  It’s too cold, it’s too snowy, it’s too dark, it’s too depressing.  Well, guess what kiddos?  Klaff’s of Norwalk and Danbury have put together some great cooking demos and tastings so that February can be become a somewhat more tolerable month.  Each free event will take place on a Saturday from 12-2 pm right in the middle of an amazing array of ranges, decorations, and appliances.  The chefs who are cooking up a storm represent some of the most popular and yummy dining spots throughout Fairfield County, too!  Lucky for you we’ve got the details for each demo and tasting:
At the Klaff’s South Norwalk store at 28 Washington Street
February 2:  Tinto Bar & Tapas, Norwalk,
Chef/Owner Carlos Hernandez presents the Spanish food culture in the form of Tinto Bar & Tapas. Superior ingredients, an attractive atmosphere, attentive service, and value are at the forefront of this fun tapas bar and gathering place. A variety of big flavors, creative tapas, and fresh fruit cocktails, all at accessible price points – all without compromising quality, are at the forefront of Tinto’s always festive dining experience.
February 9:  Bar Sugo, Norwalk,
Located in Norwalk emerging eastside district, Chef Pasquale Pascarella, a dynamic young chef and the owner of the popular Contina Pizzerias in Fairfield County, introduces his brand of casual, fun Italian dining in the form of Bar Sugo, a contemporary trattoria and wine bar serving “modern Italian meets peasant food”. Momma’s meatballs, damn hot peppers, and homemade short rib agnoletti are some of the favorite dishes customers are talking about.
Chef Kevin Garcia prepares modern Italian cuisine at Morello Italian Bistro in Greenwich, CT.  Morello is owned and operated by the London based restaurant group MARC, Inc. Morello Bistro combines regional Italian cuisine with exceptional wines and superior service. Chef Garcia has designed a menu of sophistication, sans the pretense.

Fairfield County Restaurants Raise a Ton of $, one Beer at a Time to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief

27 Nov

–Video about A Buck for a Beer fundraiser from ItsRelevant

Back in early November, we told you about our effort (A Buck for a Beer to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief) to work with Fairfield County restaurants to make a difference.  The idea was simple:  when a certain beer was ordered at a restaurant, a dollar would be donated to American Red Cross.  After we wrote some of our favorite restaurants, we heard back quickly, owners eagerly hopeful to get involved.  While the first night of the fundraising week (11/7) wasn’t the best start because of snow, people were eager to go out, eat some food, drink some brews, and make a difference all week long.

Casey Dohme, manager at The Ginger Man of Norwalk had this to share:

“We got an incredible amount of support from our customers that the word had spread to.  From a woman stopping me on the street when I was changing our menu box to tell me she was coming the following day with a group of friends just to support the cause, to Friday night when another woman came in with a group of people who had really been affected and were stoked about the idea of drinking and helping.  One customer actually put her credit card down, and handed out drink tickets personally to her friends to use only towards beers that fell under NY/NE.  Very cool.  It gave people a release and a temporary distraction.  And while they were enjoying each other’s company, they in turn were helping and that got people excited.”

Southport Brewing Company Pale Ale Now in Stores and Plans for a SoNo Location!

26 Sep

So, I was on one of my trips to Crazy Grapes on Hope Street in Stamford to replenish our beer supply.  Well, maybe I need to clarify.  I need to add to it and add more variety.  Kristien doesn’t understand why there has to be 10 different kinds of beer in the fridge, but, look…variety is the spice of life.  Right?  Whoever first said that was a brilliant person.  So, yes, I was at Crazy Grapes just to see if I could find some Dogfish Head beer to prepare for our dinner with Coalhouse pizza.  I did sure find their nice Punkin Ale, a favorite of mine now.  But, I also found something new, something very local.

SBC (Southport Brewing Company) Connecticut Pale Ale.  Yes, SBC has begun sales of their CPA in package stores, supermarkets, and restaurants throughout Connecticut.  I decided to get the Punkin Ale and also the CPA even though I knew I might get in big trouble.

The next night the SBC Connecticut Pale Ale was nice and cold, so I poured out a glass.  Here’s what I thought:

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Drink Up and Man Up! Fall Ball 2012 at Stepping Stones to Benefit Community Plates

19 Sep

Back in June, we shared the ever-expanding mission of Community Plates with you.  Here’s some of what we shared:

It all started back in January, 2011, when Community Plates began.  They would drive to local restaurants, bakeries, caterers, supermarkets, and grocers to gather food that would have been wasted.  With that food, they would make deliveries to soup kitchens, pantries, and other places that provide food for the needy.  Since then, they have grown in immense ways.  According to a recent press release sent to us, they have rescued over 600,000 lbs. of food, have over 200 volunteers in Fairfield County, rescue food from 23 donors, and deliver to 15 different agencies.

With Kevin Mullins, who is the co-founder and Executive Director, at the helm, they have taken their mission and have brought it to other states, too.  They began work in Albuquerque in January, Columbus in April, and by the end of the year they will add another location.  For 2013, they plan to expand to six more places, too.  So, adding up all the numbers, they have 300 volunteers, 40 food donors, and they deliver to 30 agencies.

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SBC Raises Money One Beer at a Time for Camp Promise East. Next Up: CT Challenge

22 Jul

Yes, James IS that awesome…

Waaay back on May 3 we told you about Southport Brewing Company hooking up their “Help Line” taps at all 5 locations.  The purpose of the “Help Line” that poured out “Sweet Emotion”?  Raising money for The Jett Foundation’s Camp Promise East in Hamden, Connecticut.  For each glass, SBC gave .50¢ that helped children and adults with muscular dystrophy get the chance to attend an awesome summer camp.  The fundraiser is the brainchild of James Lacerenza, who has an official day named after him in Stamford for the awesome work that he does and to bring awareness to muscular dystrophy.

Well, we’re pleased to announce that on Tuesday, July 24, SBC in Stamford will be presenting James with a check.  How much you ask?  Well, let’s just say that over 1,500 “Sweet Emotion” beers were sold.  No, no, that wasn’t just us drinking all those beers.  You can meet James and celebrate with him and SBC from 1-3 pm.  Stop by and show your support.

While you’re there, ask for the “Help Line” tap.  This time around, cancer survivors will benefit because each brew that is poured out between July and September means .50¢ towards the CT Challenge.  SBC plans to continue these fundraisers throughout the year and also plans to work with James again to raise money for Camp Promise East!

We decided to bother James and ask him a few questions.  Here’s about an hour of his time that we took away from his WWE watching and endless Facebook posting:

What will the funds raised by SBC mean to Camp Promise East?

I’ve worked with the Muscular Dystrophy Association since 1999, and I’ve raised over 100 thousand dollars for their camps since 2005. If what I saw at MDA’s camp in New York earlier this month was any indication of what the Jett Foundation’s own, separate camp for children and adults with muscular dystrophy will provide, then I can tell your readers that not only will the money raised sponsor one camper going to this week, it will mean inclusion, independence, and bonding with others who are going through the same life experiences and have a whole lot of fun.

How do you feel about the success of this fundraiser?

For our first year of doing this, and my first year of raising money for Camp Promise East and the Jett Foundation, I was genuinely shocked and touched that we were able to pull this off in such a short time frame and raise nearly $1,000. Next year, management at SBC and I both share in wanting to raise a higher total, but the real measure of success is me going to camp on August 1st when the people there will be having a Western themed day with adaptive activities related to being cowboys and cowgirls and a casino night that evening with poker and blackjack just for fun. To see the smiles on the campers faces is just as meaningful as any dollar figure we could produce.

What would you say to all the people who purchased a beer off the help line?

To SBC’s customers, I thank you, management thanks you, the Jett Foundation thanks you, and most importantly, the campers and their families thank you. You have provided them with the ability to participate in a special summer camp when realistically, it would otherwise be very difficult for these kids and adults to do everything camp offers in one specific location. There’s baseball, basketball, the kids get out of their wheelchairs and swim in the water. What people forget to realize is that muscular dystrophy is a group of some 40 plus genetic diseases that gradually rob those affected of their muscle function until they ultimately catch a minor cold and die – so to regenerate some of that strength in a pool alone is priceless.

Not to mention, at Jett’s camp, because there are teens and adults there who are living longer thanks to the public’s support of things like the MDA Telethon, we at Jett Camp are able to help their campers with job placement and relationship advice in a program we call “Transitions” – it’s the first of its kind in America.

Is there any other way for people to still help out?

People can still make pledges – just because MDA camp happened earlier this month and Jett camp is happening in two weeks, that doesn’t mean we don’t need their pledges – because we don’t charge the families of these campers at either place, we need money to cover not just their experiences, but all the supplies and food and the transportation and even the medical services should a camper get sick.

So I encourage people to think about their healthy children, and if they’re blessed enough to have healthy children, either come down to SBC in Stamford and see me this Tuesday, and we’ll take up a collection in a bucket like Jerry Lewis used to do on his telethons, or, if you can’t make it – go to my website and give one dollar, five dollars, anything, to one or both camps. I don’t need people to pledge big amounts of money. I raise 20 thousand a year for these places because people give one dollar at a time.


Branford 850 West Main Street
Branford, CA 06405
W Main & Mathew Road
Hamden 1950 Dixwell Ave
Hamden, CT 06460
Cross Streets: Dixwell & Weybosset
Milford 33 New Haven Avenue
Milford, CT 06460
New Haven & Broad
Southport 2600 Post Rd
Southport, CT 06890
Cross Streets: Post & Pequot
Stamford 131 Summer St
Stamford, CT 06901
Cross Streets: Summer & Broad

Exclusive Broken Shed Vodka Tasting + US Launch at Spotted Horse and Gray Goose – Westport + Southport, CT

22 Jul

Vodka has become one of the most popular spirits at restaurants and bars over the past few years.  Case in point, just go to a bar and see how many vodka choices there are or a liquor shop and see shelf upon shelf filled with the distilled goodness.  It’s easy to use in drink mixes and often gives that extra bite at the end of a sip that so many enjoy.

Well, in comes another vodka to try:  Broken Shed Vodka.  What makes this vodka different from others is its country of origin:  New Zealand.  In fact, this is the first vodka made in New Zealand to be sold in the US.  Just this past June they launched here and both Spotted Horse Tavern and Gray Goose Cafe were quick to pick up the additive-free, super clear, and four-time distilled Broken Shed and pour it out for customers.

So, come celebrate at Spotted Horse Tavern and Gray Goose Cafe on July 25 for the Broken Shed Vodka USA Launch here in the great state of Connecticut!  We’re still revolutionary, ya know?  They’ll be pouring out specialty Broken Shed Vodka drinks.  The hoopla begins at Spotted Horse Tavern from 5-7 then ends at Gray Goose Cafe from 7-9.

What are some of your favorite drinks that have vodka in them?  Have you tried Broken Shed?  

Gray Goose Cafe

Address:  246 Old Post Road

Southport, CT 06890
Phone:    (203) 292-8779

Spotted Horse Tavern

Address:  26-28 Church Lane
Westport, CT 06880

Phone:    203-557-9393

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