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16 Things You Might Not Know (But Should) About Two Roads Brewery

19 Aug

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Two Roads is one of the most iconic breweries here in CT, so Dan was more than excited when he got a special media event this past Tuesday. The epic day consisted of picking hops off the vine and gathering them, a special release vault tasting of beers such as all their sours and every single vintage of Igor’s Dream, and a guided tour with founder and Headbrewer Phil Markowski and founders Brad Hittle and Clem Pellani. It all wrapped up with a special catered dinner from Marcia Selden Catering at Stratford Point overlooking the ocean and a lighthouse. That dinner? Woahh! Four courses with each representing a season . . . in terms of food and beer.

Needless to say, this was an amazing experience that won’t soon be forgotten. So, we compiled a list of 16 things that you just might not know about Two Roads, based off what we learned. Continue reading

Fairfield Craft Ales brews up Kickstarter campaign – Stratford, CT

10 Mar

Starting soon, there won’t be just one brewery in Stratford. Nope, Fairfield Craft Ales is a nanobrewery with music at its core (brews are named after songs) that will start brewing at 724 Honeyspot Road.  Continue reading

Celebrate Bacon Day w/ The Fat Elvis from Donut Crazy!

30 Dec



Slightly after . . .

Okay, so it appears that there are TWO International Bacon Days. Because, well, bacon. Can you really have one day for bacon? Pssssh. For the true, hardcore and devoted even two days is not enough . . . try 365.

But, we digress. Let’s talk about The Fat Elvis from Donut Crazy with locations in Shelton, Stratford, and hopefully soon in New Canaan. When we last visited Donut Crazy we, sadly, did not order a Fat Elvis donut. We nearly broke down in tears, whence we realized our folly.  Continue reading

Three Cheers to Two Roads Brewing for 3 Years of Beer Magic on 12/18

14 Dec
Get your first tastes of the 3rd Anniversary Ale on 12/18!

Two Roads in Stratford opened its doors three years ago . . . but, that feels strange. It seems that they have been around much longer, huh? Their brews are on tap everywhere in the state, you can easily find their seasonal or all year beer at your local packie, and even if you’re visiting a nearby state, chances are you’ll still be able to order Two Roads.

Along with its ubiquitous nature has come a major influence on the CT beer scene. While you can’t say that all the growth of CT beer has happened because of them, they have certainly had a major influence. In fact, they have been a solidifying and unifying force amongst CT breweries. It’s been a beautiful, symbiotic relationship: as CT beer grows, Two Roads grows; as Two Roads grows, CT beer grows. Plus, they still remain one of the most recognized, steadfast, and consistent breweries around.

So, to celebrate all the beer they’ve been able to produce, all the special release days they’ve locked down, all the food trucks that have visited, and all the happy memories in the tasting room, they are hosting a Two Roads 3rd Anniversary Bash.

The party goes down on December 18, you in? On draft will be a special anniversary beer, their 3rd Anniversary Ale. Boys and girls, that’s a Belgian Dubbel that you’re gonna wanna drink the hell outta. They’ll be serving up their first beer that was ever brewed for just $3: Honeyspot Road IPA. And, even better, they’ll be tapping a “celebratory firkin” at 5 pm with CEO Brad Hittle offering up a toast at 5:30.

Cheers, Two Roads! Here’s to many more great years and to expanding your reach within the US even more!

Two Roads Brewing Company

1700 Stratford Avenue

Stratford, CT 06615

Hopping Good: Two Roads Opens Hopyard Area of Brewery; Music Series Starts Sunday

28 Jul

Part of the new Hopyard at Two Roads. The Shed Bar is to the right and the stage is by the wall of hops. Photo from Two Roads Brewing.

Two Roads Brewing Co. in Stratford has been a huge success since their opening. Not only have they been able to build up their own brand and brews, but they’ve helped other breweries like Stillwater and Lawson’s Finest Liquids expand their market reach by brewing in their massive brewhouse. And, they’ve not only grown in terms of popularity and market reach, but the brewery itself has been upgraded massively in so many ways. Their brewing capacity has grown immensely, they opened a very successful outdoor beer garden with their Airstream at the base serving up brews, and even opened up a beer garden at The Ballpark at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport.

Continue reading

C’mon Get Hoppy: American Craft Beer Week 2015 Events in Fairfield County

11 May


American Craft Beer Week is exciting, especially now with the enormous growth of the CT Beer scene. And, while we don’t need any week in particular as an excuse to go out and drink good brews, we love the focus and attention that this week brings. It’s a time to think about your beer, where it comes from, who makes it, and why you love it so damn much. For this year, American Craft Beer Week goes from May 11 until May 17 and we decided to gather up some great events in Fairfield County so that you can make the best of these days*.

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Bridgeport Bluefish host FeBREWary event at Two Roads Brewery to support CT Challenge

14 Feb

FeBREWary with Bridgeport Bluefish and Two Roads

Join The Bridgeport Brewfish . . . er . . . Bluefish, brand new manager Ricky VanAsselberg, and Two Roads Brewing of Stratford on 2/17 for FeBREWary. This event goes down from 5-8 right at Two Roads and your $35 ticket includes a tour, food, and two beer vouchers. We gotta say, that’s a great deal, especially when CT Challenge is involved and is getting the profits from that night. If you’re not aware of the work of CT Challenge, here’s some of the great work that they do:

“The mission of CT Challenge is to empower cancer survivors to live healthier, happier, and longer lives by creating and funding unique survivorship programs, offering credible resources, and building a broad community of support. To learn more about CT Challenge, visit”

Continue reading

Guess What’s Bock? Bock Again? Two Roads’ Bock! Tell a Friend . . .

4 Feb
Henry's Farm Double Bock dopplebock lager Two Roads

From Two Road’s FB page.

“Without Brew” to the tune of “Without Me” by Eminem

Guess what’s bock? Bock again?

Two Roads’ Bock, tell a friend.

Guess what’s bock

guess what’s bock

guess what’s bock

guess what’s bock

guess what’s bock

guess what’s bock . . .

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Igor Day at Two Roads Brewery is 1/24 with 3 Igor’s Dreams Including Madeira and Cognac Aged Stouts

15 Jan

Igor's Dream 2015 Labels Two Roads

For the third year in a row, Two Roads Brewery in Stratford will host Igor Day. This is a holy day for beer lovers here in CT (and beyond now) when Two Roads releases one of their most popular beers, Igor’s Dream. The beer, an Unorthodox Russian Imperial Stout, is in honor of Igor Sikorsky who helped to modernize air travel, has an airport named after him, and whose company is still making state-of-the-art helicopters. Think of it as Two Roads way of paying homage to not only the man, but also their roots to the community of Stratford.

Line for Igor's Dream in 2014

The line for Igor’s Dream last year went by smoothly, but there was definitely a wait. Yes, there was a slight line on the brewroom floor, too.

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Beer + Brushes: Paint The Road Less Travelled at 2 Roads Brewery

13 Jan

Drink n' Draw Painting Class at Two Roads in Stratford

Two Roads is back with another Drink n’ Draw night on 1/30, starting at 6. Tickets are limited to just 45 and cost $35 each and go on sale today at noon. With entry, you’ll get to paint “The Road Less Travelled” with all supplies and teaching included via Art on the Vine. Plus, you’ll get your first Two Roads brew for free to help warm ya up. Don’t dilly-dally on this one, tix will go fast and will sell out just like last time.

Drink n’ Draw

1/30 from 6-9 pm

Two Roads Brewery

1700 Stratford Avenue

Stratford, Ct 06615

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