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Stamford Summer Restaurant Weeks Goes Local w/ Farm Fare

7 Aug

Hand it to Stamford Tables and the local restaurant community to change up their popular restaurant weeks.  It’s not that they’re not working, it’s that they want to constantly make them better every single time.  Some of the great additions have been turning the experience into weeks (not just a week), Stamford Hospital’s Kids Fans’ 5-2-1-0 program that gives healthy food options for kids at participating restaurants.  We all try to be one of the first 3,000 restaurant week nom-ers because we know that we get a voucher for a small popcorn from the Avon with any movie ticket purchase.  And this year, from August 19 – September 2, a bunch of the restaurants are going local with their menu, highlighting produce from local farms.  We’re talking about Hubbard Heights Farm, Stamford Museum & Nature Center, Domus, and the Green Up Group!  Restaurants participating in the local farm food program are noted below with an  and those participating in the 5-2-1-0 program (kids 12 and under are $6.95 or $9.95 for a healthy lunch) have an *.

So, please check back as we add more 2013 Stamford Summer Restaurant Weeks menus and why not set up reservations now?  Just do it, trust us, this is a busy time of year and tables go fast.

$10.13 Lunch or $15.13 Dinner

*  Bobby Valentine’s Sports Gallery Cafe (Restaurant Week Menu)

*  Fin II Japanese Restaurant

*  Tiernan’s Bar & Restaurant

$12.13 Lunch or $20.13 Dinner

Bar Q Stamford

*  California Pizza Kitchen

*  Capriccio Cafe

*  Cotto Wine Bar (Restaurant Week Menu)

Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant (Restaurant Week Menu)

  Kujaku Japanese Restaurant

Lola’s Mexican Kitchen

*  Lucky’s Classic Burger

*  Quatto Pazzi

*  Remo’s Brick Oven Pizza

*  SBC Downtown Restaurant and Brewery

Tengda Asian Bistro (Restaurant Week Menu)

*  Volta Gelateria Creperia

$20.13 Lunch or $30.13 Dinner


*  Bar Rosso

Barcelona Wine Bar

Capital Grille (Restaurant Week Menu)

*  Columbus Park Trattoria

Emme of Capri (Restaurant Week Menu)

*  EOS Greek Cuisine (Restaurant Week Menu)

*  Hudson Grille (Restaurant Week Menu)

*  Kona Grill

Mitchell’s Fish Market (Restaurant Week Menu)

Morton’s, The Steakhouse (Dinner Only)

  napa & co. (Restaurant Week Menu)

*  Patrizia’s of Stamford (Dinner Only)

  Rodizio Grill Brazilian Steakhouse

ZAZA Italian Gastrobar

Eating and Schmoozing Our Way Through Best of the Gold Coast, 2013

26 Jul

Killer food (as always) from EOS!

Matt Storch of The Chelsea

Mark it down:  July 25, 2013…the day we hit up our first Best of the Gold Coast party!  It’s Moffly Media’s yearly party that celebrate the best in shopping, services, and (of course) food.  As we made our way upstairs to the Hilton Ballroom you could heard the buzz and chatter of happy and excited people.  And who should greet us as we enter?  Robin Wexler from Stamford Museum and Nature Center!  Dan said hi while Kristien was transfixed by the two celebrity goats:  Kathie Lee and Hoda.  We were thirsty for some drinks and hungry for some food, so we decided we’d hit up the outside of the ballroom after we were full.  :)

When we got into the main area we were amazed at how many restaurants and shops were inside.  There was even a side room where we got some vino from Val’s in Greenwich…that’s our go-to wine/liquor shop in the area.  Then, we let the madness begin!  It’s hard to recount everything we ordered, but Harvest had some awesome food which made us want to go back.  People were going crazy over Colony and so did we.  Ah, how we’ve missed you!  They even put some stingers on the side for you to load up your pizza with.  We talked with Conor at Half Full for a bit, he’s such an awesome guy.  We loved the food from Capital Grille which made us want to go there, dug the ribs at Dinosaur, loved the gazpacho at Ginger Man and finally met their beer dude, Andrew Hoening.  We tried Valbella’s truffle pasta and decided we’d have to go there, too!  Then we felt guilty as we saw Matt Storch from The Chelsea again.  We had promised we’d come visit him since we saw him at Blues, Views, & BBQ, but we’ve been lax in our promise.  The food that he prepared was freaking awesome.  And our last culinary stop of the night was at Marcia Selden Catering.  They did up their booth to look like it was a paint store…so creative, so wicked good.  Plus, the “Bad Ass” Red Velvet Double Candied Bacon was a trip into ecstasy.

And, there are so many other places that we didn’t even mention, too!  We have them up on our Facebook gallery, though, so check out all our pics.  It’s safe to say we had a blast and we’re really grateful to Moffly Media for inviting us.  ‘Til next year!

Sláinte! Fairfield County Irish Festival @ Fairfield University

7 Jun

A few weeks ago we went to Ireland and it was one of the best trips of our lives.  The people were great, everything was beautiful, and the food (contrary to popular belief) was amazing.  We started in Dublin, then traveled to an ancient castle, flew some hawks, checked out Killarney, walked along the Cliffs of Mohr, visited the House of Waterford, and even were given an official certificate from Guinness saying that we are certified to pour the perfect pint, and so many more things we can’t even list here.  As our vacation drew to a close, we didn’t want to leave…no, not one bit.  Perhaps one of the most surreal moments happened when we were visiting the Dublin Writers Museum and a parade made its way past us.  We followed the Irish Independence Day parade around block after block, feeling a connection with all the people of Ireland as they remembered Easter 1916 when Ireland declared its independence from England.  How was it possible that two people from across the globe could make such a strong connection with a group of people they had never met before?  It just speaks to our need and love of freedom, wherever we are.

The parade through Dublin, remembering Easter 1916

The parade through Dublin, remembering Easter 1916

And, it’s with that beautiful spirit and enduring pride that the Fairfield County Irish Festival takes place for its 25th year at Fairfield University.  You can stop by June 14 (6-11 pm), 15 (noon-11 pm), or 16 (noon-8 pm)…a perfect place to take your dad for Father’s Day…just saying.  Don’t forget about dad!

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Explore Some More: 2013 Branford and New Haven Restaurant Weeks

3 Apr

Spring is here, so why not celebrate with some great food?   And, why not throw in some great deals and prixe fixed meals?   Yup, it’s everybody’s favorite time…restaurant week!   First off, why not enter to win a $25 gift card to some local Branford businesses and restaurants just by clicking here?  Once you’ve done that, you can check out special deals and prices during their Restaurant Week from April 14-20.   We’ve listed all the info for you (20% gratuity is added to restaurant week checks) and even have a special recco from our friend Edwin Williams Bartlett of the awesome CT Out and About about one of his favorite spots, Home:

“All home runs! I don’t like tomato soup in general, but Home’s is amazing. I either have the patty melt or the Cuban (not on the list) when I am there and it has the same pork flatiron as the special, and it is the best piece of pork on a plate in the state. Their mac & cheese is to die for…I was a guest for the new menu meeting for the staff back in October, so I am very familiar with the whole menu.  I was very impressed with the Artic Char, which I much prefer to salmon, and it’s even wild caught. The pan seared scallops and the duck breast really caught my attention, too.”

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Save Some Serious Dough with

28 Mar

Our obsession with (not started years ago when we’d shell out $5 and get a $50 pass to restaurants.  The amount of money we saved was awesome and we continue to check this site when we want to save some major dinero.  We use it for local restaurants and especially when we’re on vacation and want to find a quick, inexpensive meal.

Chef's Special Roll, Crispy Melt Goat Cheese Roll, and Crunchy Wasabi Tuna Roll

Chef’s Special Roll, Crispy Melt Goat Cheese Roll, and Crunchy Wasabi Tuna Roll at Bambou in Greenwich

It works pretty easily:  enter the city and state where you want a certificate then select the restaurant.  The most common option that you’ll see is pay $10 for a $25 certificate, but sometimes there will be bigger incentives like $20 for $50, $30 for $75, or even $40 for $100.  Before you purchase your certificate, just make sure that there aren’t any terms of the agreement that won’t work for you such as, “Only includes lunch,” or “No dinner on Saturday.”  Also, pay close attention to the fine print because some have an order minimum or some include a tip into the amount of the bill automatically.

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Easter Recipes to Hop for from Chef McLeod of Benjamin Steakhouse

25 Mar
                            /|      __  
                           / |   ,-~ /  
                          Y :|  //  /    
                          | jj /( .^  
                         /       Y    
                        jo  o    |  
                       ( ~T~     j   
                        >._-' _./   
                       /   "~"  |    
                      Y     _,  |      
                     /| ;-"~ _  l    
                    / l/ ,-"~    \  
                    \//\/      .- \  
                     Y        /    Y*  
                     l       I     ! 
                     ]\      _\    /"\ 
                    (" ~----( ~   Y.  )   
                  ->Jackson Bunny<-


Easter is hopping along, just around the corner on Sunday, March 31.  And, with Easter, comes baskets of goodies and the all important brunch.  While some of you might be going out for brunch (we have an awesome list of Easter brunch spots), some of you might be hosting this meal at your place.  If that’s the case, we have two great recipes to share from the acclaimed Chef Arturo McLeod of Benjamin Steakhouse  in White Plains.  They have a 24 Zagat rating and consistently earn 4/5 stars from many review sites…plus, we’ve heard lots of great buzz about their food.  They are also offering up an Easter brunch, too, btw.  We’re excited to try their food sometime soon, but in the meantime let’s check out Chef McLeod’s recipes for Lamb Stew over Mashed Potatoes and Tuna Deviled Eggs.

Deviled Eggs from Benjamin Steakhouse Westchester

Tuna Deviled Eggs

When preparing a lavish Easter meal for your loved ones, sometimes you just want to start with something simple to save time and energy for the main haul. Enter Deviled Eggs: one of the simplest hors d’oeuvres to make, which happens to be one of the tastiest! It’ll take a total of 15 minutes to make, but I guarantee they’ll be gone in an even shorter time! This recipe uses tuna, which adds extra flavor without overwhelming the delicate nature of the dish. For those who want to go vegetarian, nix the tuna and it’ll be just as great!

Bon appétit!


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Help Garden Catering Send Campers w/ Muscular Dystrophy to Camp Promise

11 Mar

Chris Ramirez for Garden Catering Norwalk CT

“I love Camp Promise because it gives me a week to hang around other kids with a similar disability and to be independent from my family. I think the work Camp Promise does is awesome!” – Ben (16)

“I like camp because of the interactions with people and the independence I get from my family. I would enjoy an awesome summer full of cool activities.” – Sam (15)

These two campers are talking about Camp Promise, an awesome week long summer camp in Hebron, CT. All campers who go there have muscular dystrophy and are treated to a wicked good time. Counselors provide them with exciting, educational, and entertaining activities that quickly become the highlight of their year. Plus, there is no charge at all for them to go to Camp Promise. Now you’re probably wondering how they get to go for free? Well, with help from good people like you, Garden Catering, and the City of Stamford!

Yes, these campers need your help, but it’s easy. Just come by Garden Catering on Main Street in Stamford on 3/15 (that’s officially Stamford Against Dystrophy Day) when 10% of all purchases go to Camp Promise. In addition to their killer specials, sandwiches, and meals, they will also be offering up some Irish favorites. We’re talking about freshly cut, lean corned beef boiled with Guinness that’s served with Idaho potatoes, sliced carrots, cabbage, and homemade Irish soda bread for just $10.95 per person. 

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Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in and around Fairfield County

8 Mar

Happy St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on March 17 and ya best know that Connecticut is representin’ the best of the Irish.  In particular, we feel especially excited this year because we’ll be traveling to Ireland this year.  Yes!  There will be plenty o’ pints, Irish breakfasts, boxty, and fried stuff.  We can’t promise that we’ll be trying blood sausage or blood pudding, but we will probably eat almost everything that’s placed in front of us.  But, we see it as kind of prep work to get some great Irish experiences, food, and culture here before we leave.  Already, last week, we saw The Mighty Ploughboys and The Tartan Terrors perform at Ridgefield Playhouse.  Yeah, awesome…so, we wanted to give you a little bit o’ Ireland with this post.  We’ll be updating this here and there with fun food related events that revolve around St. Patrick’s Day.  If you have any suggestions for us, let us know!


1) Check out the Bridgeport St. Patrick’s Day Parade on 3/15 from the warm comforts of Barnum Publick House!  The fun begins at 11, so get settled because the parade will start at noon.  There are food and drink specials all day with no cover charge.

2) Get some Kegs & Eggs at Fire Engine Pizza Company on St. Patrick’s Day!  $10 gets you beer and breakfast from 8-11 am.  You can also check out their corned beef reuben or bangers & mash pizza all day, too.  


3) St. Patrick’s Day lasts a week at Molly Darcy’s!  Specials and live entertainment all week.

Elmsford, NY

4)  Yes, we realize it’s not Connecticut, but the lure of good beer is so hard to resist.  You’ll want to check out Bollock’s Fest ’13 at Captain Lawrence Brewery on 3/17 at noon.  Burke’s Revenge will be playing live music such as Dropkick Murphys and Village Dog will be there pushing out corned beef dogs, shepherd’s pie, and lots more.  The clincher is that Brewmaster extraordinare Scott Vaccaro will be premiering three Irish “inspired” ales.  Tickets are $21.69 per person and can be bought here.  

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